Monday, March 31, 2008

My little fella

First of all - Happy Birthday Aunt Jessica. Owen misses you very, very much...he told me last night.

Life could not be better!!! My little fella gets bigger and bigger every day and every day he learns something new. So...I thought I would start a blog to capture all of the amazing things that Owen that everyone, near and far could have a chance to see his changes.

He turned 15 weeks yesterday...I cannot believe it!!!

We went to visit with Monica, Ashley and Cooper on Saturday. We are a little jealous that Cooper can already sit in his Bumbo chair...but we are working on it. Owen is learning how to sit...although it looks like me may be downhill skiing...he is still learning. He laughs and laughs every time he gets to sit up because he finally can see the world at a different angle.

I recently realized that it is not dry skin on the back of his head but instead cradle cap...nice. We did an oil treatment on his hair last night...he had a little Soul Glo for a moment there but it appears to be clearing up now.

This weekend we get to go and see Kevin for his birthday...I cannot believe that he will be 17!!! AHHHH...I remember when he was born. He has grown up so fast...Owen...just stop now!!!