Friday, October 30, 2009

Georgia Woman gives birth to 22 lb baby

That will be the headline when I finally birth this baby. I hope that they at least airbrush my picture a little bit so I don't look so silly in People Magazine.

All jokes aside, I am huge. HUGE. I know everyone says that but I am.
I dropped Owen off at school today and one of his friends at school has a new baby brother. The woman was a giant. I am surprised she could still drive. I felt horrible just looking at her, I know she had to be super uncomfortable...she delivered her beast of a baby last night...10lbs. OH MY.

So, I go to the doctor today for my weekly check-up and got to have an ultrasound. Confirmation that yes, indeed it is a girl...and she is already weighing in at...GET THIS.
8 pounds 4 oz...and NO, they are NOT inducing me.

Doctor said...Jill, you have given birth to a 9lb baby, you can handle it.
I say - I am not trying to top myself. The birth of the 9 lb child was not a cake walk...I was sort of hoping for less this go 'round.
"Apparently" these ultrasound measurements are not exact. Well, okay, then why bother?

So, needless to say, I am SUPER uncomfortable and ready to NOT be pregnant anymore.
I went ahead and ate spicy soup for lunch today and right now but stomach is so tight it may pop. I know these are those horrible Braxton Hicks contractions but still...NO FUN.

I go back the doctor on Friday November 6th.
They promised me not to make me go any further than 39 weeks...which is in 3 weeks. I swear, the headline will probably be true.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Update on the Prince

Sam is eating and using the potty. GOOD SIGN.

However, he is still unable to put much weight on his back left leg, although, I did see him jump off the bed the other day...granted it was after I put him on the bed but still, he was able to jump off and land, on all fours.

I believe it is time though to take him back to see Dr. Les and get this leg looked at. I feel bad for him, especially since he refuses to join in on family fun and just runs back under the bed after eating, drinking and using the restroom.
Is it possible to have a depressed cat?

Typically Sam has always been a bit of a social recluse...but this is just beyond ridiculous.
The sore (or sort of sore) on his leg is was never really a sore (MOM) but more of just a mark where you can tell he was trying to nurse it back to health...or whatever it is that cats do. I swear, if they have to put the cat on wheels, I am not sure what I will do.

THANKFULLY, he only wants to stay indoors so...maybe Jeff won all the battles but lost the major war.

Making the appointment now...updates to come later!