Saturday, November 28, 2009

Long Overdue Update

As I am sure most of you know, we are home, settled and loving our new Baby Girl! Big Brother Owen is about the best big brother ever and thankfully has been nothing short of an angel during this transition.

Our Katherine Jane (Katie-Jane) was born on November 19th at 2:23 pm after a smooth labor and delivery. At a whopping 9 lbs 4 oz and 21 inches it was no wonder I was the most uncomfortable girl in the world. A good 10 minutes of pushing and "Hello World", Katie-Jane was here for us to love and adore.

We have settled into a routine, as much as we can with a one week old. She is going about every three to four hours for a bottle and is very laid back, similar to how Owen was when he was a newborn. I am very thankfully that the good Lord has blessed me with two wonderful children. I could not be happier.

I promise to post some pictures soon. We have been having some issues with our computer so I am hoping to have that repaired soon. Nothing major, could be user error.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoying the start of the holiday season. I am in LOVE with the holiday music already on the radio and cannot wait to start decorating my house for Christmas. The nesting thing has not left my body yet!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Christmas wish list

Aside from the obvious -healthy children, family, etc. I thought I would blog about all the wonderful things I want / need for Christmas this year.
Every year I tell Jeff that I am going to write down 5 things on a list and he can write 5 things down on a list and we get to pick three that we purchase for each other. He never goes off the list. Not to sound selfish, but this year, I sort of need him to. This is not to say that the presents I have received in the past are not awesome...diamond earrings are always fun, but I have enough jewelry (did I just say that?) so I am actually pulling a Brat and telling him he must stick to the some way shape or form.

With that said...this list does consist of more than 5 things...all of which I really want so Jeff, if you are reading...please order, purchase, etc.

1. Baby Sling
I never thought I would need one. However, I am wondering what I will do with Katie-Jane when I go and pick up Owen from school. I cannot leave her in the car. The carrier is WAY heavy and will take up my hands and arms which I will need to hold Owen's hand to walk across the street. So, I thought, I can put her in one of these slings, hands free and can walk with Owen and Katie-Jane at the same time. Genius.
Yes, I know you can "make" them but please...I do not even know how to use a sewing machine so to Target we go. If you have any suggestions on the right one please let me know. I am going by cost because I really do not see myself sporting this thing all the time.

2. The InStyler
Being a pregnant insomniac I am always watching paid programming commercials. The InStyler is ALWAYS on and on more than one occasion I have taken the phone and credit card to order this thing. It just looks cool and my hair is a bit of a mess. As a mom to one the task of drying and fixing my hair is a little laborious. I can only imagine when I am the mom of two. HOWEVER, as my mother says, if you look good you feel good so I at least make the effort, not always succeeding but I try...most of the time...during the week. I would LOVE something that I could blast my hair dry and then use to actually "fix". PLUS, they swear it will make my hair look like silk. Jeff - please see Ulta or feel free to order online.
3 and 4. Feather Bed and Down Comforter
This is a dual gift yes but should only count as one. The feather bed was the first thing that Jeff ever purchased for me for our first Christmas together. What a sweetie. I LOVED it and it always made me happy to fall into my bed at the end of a long day. However, during the most recent house move Clover decided to use it as a potty and thus the feather bed went into the trash. I was crushed. To date it has not been replaced and I blame part of my insomnia on the absence of this. The down comforter has been in my life since college and it has a few tears from paws being on it. Feathers fall out all the time and it makes life tough for my Dyson. Both need to be replaced. Now, it does not have to be super fancy...just functional. Jeff - please see Ikea or Bed Bath and Beyond.

5. AAA Membership
Now, I think this is pretty practical seeing as how I will have two small ones in my car with me. Should something happen I am forced to either call my dad or Jeff to help. No, I do not know how to change a tire. No, I do not want to learn how to. So...a membership to AAA will ease all of my worries. While it is an odd request I think it shows just how adult I really am!!!

Jeff - can be purchased online.

6. Wii
I am the only person in the world without a Wii. However, I go back and forth about this because 1) my house is small and you need room to play and 2) it would be one of those things that I use for about a month and then never again.
HOWEVER, Jeff and I have been discussing gym memberships again. I know, I know...what are we thinking. So, I thought maybe a Wii with the Wii fit might benefit the whole family instead of paying for a gym membership that we will never use. I find every excuse I can to not go to the gym and now with having kids I use the "I don't want to put them in another nursery" excuse. I just don't think I NEED the Wii...I want it yes, but I don't NEED it and therefore, Jeff, this is a last resort present only if you are seriously in the dog house!

7. T&Co Earrings
Another splurge and really should be my push present but whatever.
I LOVE these. They match my ring that I adore but again, the above mentioned are more things that I really this is also a last resort type present. Look how pretty though...ahhh.

So there you have it. My 9 year old Christmas wish list.

If anyone else needs more ideas, I have tons of wants / needs.

Happy Holidays!!!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Maybe Holiday music will make me feel better

I am Bitter Betty. SO OVER IT, so tired and yes, I am still at work.

I know that if I stayed home I would climb the walls so I made the decision to annoy those that sign my checks instead of the cat and dog.

In an effort to get in a better mood I have started to listen to holiday music on Pandora. It is helping a little, but the fact that it is a little warm for a pregnant girl right now it sort of makes me think I am listening to Christmas music in June. I think the weather will be more fall like tomorrow.

If Katie-Jane does not come on her own though they will admitting me to the hospital on Wednesday to start all necessary things to induce on Thursday at 7:30 am...and don't think I will NOT be holding them to their schedule!!!

So, soon these postings will focus more on my wonderful little girl and her big brother AND how to fit back into my size 8 jeans from 1993.
Cram could happen!!!!

Wish us luck.
Actually wish Jeff luck because I believe the words "I really think a judge would take pity on me Jeff if he knew how annoying you really are and the fact that I am pregnant. I see no jail time in my future" have come out of my mouth.
THEN...he said that he needed to pack his pillow and blanket so that he could get some sleep on Wednesday at the hospital. Um really...are you kidding me? Do you mean to tell me that you are going to settle in for a long winters nap and snore while I am trying to rest up for the day ahead. UM, no sir.
His breathing is driving me insane!!!

THEN...he mumbled to his car today that he is not sure he will make it to Thursday. Strike 400.

I am NOTHING but pleasant!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Still no baby...

I had a post all prepared about how tired I am from hearing about the following issues and how they all need to hang it up and go away
- The Gosselins
- Levi Johnston
- Carrie Prejean
- Swine Flu
- Insomnia

However, it was sounding a bit negative so I decided that may not be the best thing. Regardless, the above topics / people need to GO AWAY!!! Enough already. I have heard enough and I just cannot stomach turning on the TV and having to hear about any of it. The insomnia, well, that's just me...I cannot sleep...EVER, which again puts me in a bad mood, thus the negative attitude, thus the crabby post.

But...I am joyful that in about a week I will have my little girl. The sadist doctors that I have been seeing are "nice" enough to induce my labor on Thursday November 19th should Katie-Jane NOT decide to come on her own before then.

I am still crossing my fingers that I will get an Oops, my water just broke moment so that we can get this show on the ROAD.

At the current moment I am a bit more concerned with the rumor / fact that Owen will not be able to visit me in the hospital because of the swine flu. This does not make me happy and I have quite a bit of anxiety about that. I know...get over it, yea yea yea, but really, this upsets me so I am hoping that I can run some recon on the staff at Piedmont Hospital and get him in to see me and his Baby Sister.

I will continue to keep you all updated (seeing as how I am so good at that) as much as you can. I suspect that if this does turn into an induction thing we are going to have a LONG Thursday. Thankfully I do see a little beam of light at the end of this LONG journey.