Friday, November 13, 2009

Still no baby...

I had a post all prepared about how tired I am from hearing about the following issues and how they all need to hang it up and go away
- The Gosselins
- Levi Johnston
- Carrie Prejean
- Swine Flu
- Insomnia

However, it was sounding a bit negative so I decided that may not be the best thing. Regardless, the above topics / people need to GO AWAY!!! Enough already. I have heard enough and I just cannot stomach turning on the TV and having to hear about any of it. The insomnia, well, that's just me...I cannot sleep...EVER, which again puts me in a bad mood, thus the negative attitude, thus the crabby post.

But...I am joyful that in about a week I will have my little girl. The sadist doctors that I have been seeing are "nice" enough to induce my labor on Thursday November 19th should Katie-Jane NOT decide to come on her own before then.

I am still crossing my fingers that I will get an Oops, my water just broke moment so that we can get this show on the ROAD.

At the current moment I am a bit more concerned with the rumor / fact that Owen will not be able to visit me in the hospital because of the swine flu. This does not make me happy and I have quite a bit of anxiety about that. I know...get over it, yea yea yea, but really, this upsets me so I am hoping that I can run some recon on the staff at Piedmont Hospital and get him in to see me and his Baby Sister.

I will continue to keep you all updated (seeing as how I am so good at that) as much as you can. I suspect that if this does turn into an induction thing we are going to have a LONG Thursday. Thankfully I do see a little beam of light at the end of this LONG journey.


Tiffany said...

I can't believe they won't let Owen in to see you. Are they worried that he has it and will give it to you and the baby b/c if so that's just dumb. Within a couple of days you will all be living in the same house together.
Out of your list of things I only know about one--The Gosselins. Would you like to come live in my bubble? My dad says I live in a bubble because we almost never have the tv on or watch the news. I find out all of the big news on Facebook. :0)
I will be praying for the upcoming arrival of Katie Jane. I wish I could be there to come visit and hold that sweet baby. It will be fun to see Owen's reaction.

ashkindred said...

Is she here yettttt???? Dying!!!