Friday, January 16, 2009

I think I made a mistake

In my search for the next Twilight I have hit up the closing and everything is 50% off B. Dalton at Peachtree Center twice this week. I am a little bummed because I took the B. Dalton across the street for granted for years and now that it is closing and I am getting back into reading I will have to actually walk to the Fulton County library to check out books. Granted, it may save me some money and maybe get my heart rate going but without sounding like a total snob...have you seen some of the people at the Fulton County Library? And now that it is cold outside...p-u.

As I mentioned on a previous blog I picked up three books the other day. I dove into Prep with the idea that this would be a great little boarding school, sorority-esque, boys and parties kind of book. IT'S NOT!! I mean, it has a grosgrain belt on the cover - how misleading. The character is not preppy, she goes to prep school where I might add she is a giant dork and has one friend. Please. I myself was not Miss. Popularity but I had more than A friend. I rocked it out in college though - and I was secretly hoping that it would be a fun read, a'la Friday night 80's at Cameron's fun. I have 100 pages left so I will finish it, but I do not suggest it. If you are that interested, save your money, I will loan it out.

So when I went back today I noticed that they still had some Meg Cabot books. I picked up A Size 14 Is Not Fat Either. I have heard some good things about Meg Cabot so I thought it may be worth checking out. For 50% off I could see no other reason but to buy it. Now, I cannot judge - and no I did not read into while at the store because there were all sorts of people there, in my way so I could not study, it was impulse decision. From what I can tell, this may be a part of a series of which I am starting in the middle and from what I can gather the main character is a former pop star who is now a dorm mom and tries to solve a murder...
I will have to give it a go this weekend, or sometime soon.

I also picked up Sweeney Todd which should be good because I heard nothing but good things about the movie and play but I hope they don't speak in Ye Old English or that will drive me INSANE. I'm not much for period pieces.

I think I need to lay off purchasing books for a while. So far I have bought five in the last week and my bedside table was already full of them before - but still nothing keeping me interested for any long period of time. I need to get through that first!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's a Major Award

It's like I have won the lottery! My girl Kindredly has presented me with this award. Isn't it beautiful? I am speechless - sort of like Kate Winslet at the Golden Globes - thank you to everyone else nominated but ha ha ha, I won!

However, with such a prestigious award comes responsibility - I am now required to present this same award to some bloggers that I think deserve it. This is a hard decision as I am only allowed to give it away to three deserving bloggers. I had to make my decision wisely and take into account all factors. I based my decision on the following:
* How often do you update your blog?
* The content of the blog - is it always the same or do you mix it up a bit
* My interest in your blog - does it capture me, does it spark my interest in new things?

With this said - love, family and mixes of both I have to offer this prestigious award to the following:

* Preaches and Cheese - Sisterhood aside, and the fact that she ROCKS aside and the fact that she just gave me another AWESOME nephew (Jackson Lee, January 14, 2009, 7 lbs, 15 oz, 19.5 inches long) her blog cracks me up. Seriously, stuck in Satan's Pants, living in a place that is -25 below while I am freezing at 30 degrees today and holding on as much as she can to that southern drawl, this blog cannot get much better. Soon she is going to have to go to the grocery store again and will more than likely run into old people with tubes in their nose...she loves those people, especially when the touch all of the fruit! The blogging possibilities are endless.

* Hillside Hollow - Again, a familyish relation but still this had nothing to do with my decision. About 90% of the time this chick has something positive to say - and if you know me, I have something positive to say about 40% of the time. She reads, cooks, sews, does crafts, home schools her children, talks about bugs - we could not be any more opposite - however, I still love her, her blog and all of the fun things she writes about. Plus, she is a daily blogger so I know that while I sit idle on my lunch hour I will have something to read, and yes, I will admit that once in a while I will print out a recipe or two. I have never made them but, one day I may and it will make me think of her.

* Sassy Monkey Reads - this is someone I do not know, I believe they live in Canada and I can assure you is not reading my blog and thus will not know about this awesome award bestowed upon her. (I believe it is a girl, she took a boy to a movie not too long ago) I stumbled upon this blog while looking for books and I must say, this blog is one to check out. She reads all sorts of stuff, every genre, and probably about 18 books a month. (not sure what her job is but I am not judging) It is cracking me up. If you don't believe me check out the post about when she went to see the movie Twilight. I had a good belly laugh.

So there you have it. My picks for best blog.
I do have a few notable mentions though. These are blogs that while they are awesome in their own right did not fit into all three criteria and thus could not be awarded. However, they are still excellent and I believe you should check them out.

* Dandelion Chronicles - this did not make the award due to the long hiatus that was taken in the summer - for good reason but it made me sad because I enjoy her blog so much. I am happy that she is getting back on track and it makes me want to take a trip to Macon to hang out with her like old times. She rules - back then and still now.

* Cooper Wells - Again another long hiatus - probably a good reason though I cannot think of one - but she is also getting back into the swing of things. My love for this blog is a little one sided as she is my better half and for some reason, with no obligation to do so has remained my friend for a good 14 years. Love her, love the shoes, love the bag, love it all. Plus she is talking about one of my favorite fella's in the world, Mr. Coopie Poopie who always cries because I am so loud but one day will think his Aunt Jill ROCKS.

* Elleb513 - Read will love it. However, also long hiatus but partly because she is a traveling salesman. You want it, she's got it. Kidding, she really does have a cool job and I admire her tenacity because if I had to stay in hotels and travel as much as she does I would take hostages while on the road.

So there you have it. I apologize to those that were not recognized and nothing but love to all on my blog roll. I suggest you check them all out - over there, to the right, you cannot miss them.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Twilight Zone

So everyone else is posting / blogging about life post Twilight. I am going to agree that it has been hard. It is like trying to stop drinking, or not eating chocolate while you have PMS, or (since this is all things Owen) letting a baby cry it out one night.

Ashley and I went to see the movie on Friday. The movie was so silly, the acting was terrible and you know what...I LOVED IT. Loved it. I will be pre-ordering the DVD as soon as possible so that it will be in my hands March 21st. If I could skip work right now and go watch it again I would.

So I thought to myself that maybe my obsession with the Twilight series is just a new obsession with reading. B. Dalton across the street is closing (a fact I did not know until Ashley told me today...thank you) and everything was 50% off. I picked up these three today.

I actually have heard that Prep is a pretty good book and I do like Jennifer Weiner so maybe my obsession will slow down a little until Stephenie Meyer puts out another book...that better have Edward in it or I am not buying it.

However, I could use your help. Please suggest any good books that I will get totally sucked into and never want to put down.

On another note, we have received word that at the latest Baby Caboose will be coming on Wednesday. Mom is flying up to the frozen tundra tonight so we should have pictures as soon as Baby Madden makes his arrival. I cannot wait!!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year...who needs it

Me...I need it. I love love love New Years. It is the only time of the year that I can start fresh, change bad habits and become a better person. LOVE IT. I make the same resolutions every year, every year by Valentines Day I have forgotten about them and resolve that by my birthday things will change. This year is no different. (Aside from the fact that I am still hopeful that I may keep at least one resolution by Valentine's Day)

This year I resolve to -
1. Loose weight. Size does matter and so does the number in my pants. (did that sound gross?) I measure myself by the giant number on the tag. Cute or not if I am still a big girl...I am still a big girl. Now, I like my curves...I want to be curvy, what I am now is round...and no one wants to be asked "why are you so round".

2. Be a more patient person. This is going to take some skill. I have a one year that has hit his terrible two's, my work place is crazy ridiculous and I drive daily in Atlanta traffic. I think it can be done but if you hear a story of a lady with her head in the oven...well, that lady just may be me. I am not promising anything and suggest you check back in after mid February.

3. Enjoy more adult time. Yes, I am that mother who gets anxiety about leaving her child. Not that I ever mistrust the people I leave him with but because I am a day care mommy I feel horrible leaving Owen on the weekends. However, I am slowly going insane and need to see a movie, drink an adult beverage and listen to good music all while spending time with other adults...including my hubby. Once a month (and I am sure Papa will be holding me to this)

4. Exercise. This is on down the list because well...I am just not all that active. However, tying all of this in I have decided to check out the local yoga studio in town (if I can get them to call me back or pick up the phone). I like working out but I do not enjoy the whole drive to the gym thing, get dressed, work out, get back into my car, sit in traffic all while smelling myself because lets face other southern women may glisten, I just sweat. And, I believe that since I have seen it work wonders with other people, yoga just may be my ticket to loosing the weight, becoming more patient and spending time with other adults. Win Win. Now...again, I need to get in touch with them to see the cost, etc. Heck, I have a yoga mat somewhere...I am prepared.

5. Read more. This should be easy since I am obsessed with Twilight the series. I have googled if you like Twilight then you will love...and have come up with a few that I need to purchase ASAP. I hope I get as caught up with them as I am with the Twilight series because as campy as they may be, at lets be honest, a glowing vampire with a heart of gold is sort of campy, I still cannot put the books down. I am 100% team Edward but wish Jacob the best of luck.

6. Learn a hobby. This may be easy seeing as how I have given mom the gift of knitting for Christmas. Hopefully if Caboose does not arrive early we will be going this weekend to learn how to make all of you beautiful scarfs and oven mitts! Happy Birthday Gus Gus.

7. Visit Wisconsin. I seriously have not been to Satan's Pants in years and need to see my awesome nephews in their element. I have already begun my search for the best ticket prices and asked Clark Howard for tips. Waiting on an email back Clark!

8. Pay off my debt. Seriously, I watch the news, the economic forecast is not great but I do have a job, I do have bills and seriously, what is more American than paying off what you owe. I call that Jill's stimulus package. Thanks for the education GCSU, your check is in the mail.

I think 8 is enough...right. Too many and it becomes too hard to handle. 8 is a good even number and can be worked with. I think I can accomplish 8 things this least.

I guess I could make 9 be blog more...but that is just pressure. I never have topics. Maybe more about knitting with Jane and booze with friends. We shall see.

Until then...