Friday, January 16, 2009

I think I made a mistake

In my search for the next Twilight I have hit up the closing and everything is 50% off B. Dalton at Peachtree Center twice this week. I am a little bummed because I took the B. Dalton across the street for granted for years and now that it is closing and I am getting back into reading I will have to actually walk to the Fulton County library to check out books. Granted, it may save me some money and maybe get my heart rate going but without sounding like a total snob...have you seen some of the people at the Fulton County Library? And now that it is cold outside...p-u.

As I mentioned on a previous blog I picked up three books the other day. I dove into Prep with the idea that this would be a great little boarding school, sorority-esque, boys and parties kind of book. IT'S NOT!! I mean, it has a grosgrain belt on the cover - how misleading. The character is not preppy, she goes to prep school where I might add she is a giant dork and has one friend. Please. I myself was not Miss. Popularity but I had more than A friend. I rocked it out in college though - and I was secretly hoping that it would be a fun read, a'la Friday night 80's at Cameron's fun. I have 100 pages left so I will finish it, but I do not suggest it. If you are that interested, save your money, I will loan it out.

So when I went back today I noticed that they still had some Meg Cabot books. I picked up A Size 14 Is Not Fat Either. I have heard some good things about Meg Cabot so I thought it may be worth checking out. For 50% off I could see no other reason but to buy it. Now, I cannot judge - and no I did not read into while at the store because there were all sorts of people there, in my way so I could not study, it was impulse decision. From what I can tell, this may be a part of a series of which I am starting in the middle and from what I can gather the main character is a former pop star who is now a dorm mom and tries to solve a murder...
I will have to give it a go this weekend, or sometime soon.

I also picked up Sweeney Todd which should be good because I heard nothing but good things about the movie and play but I hope they don't speak in Ye Old English or that will drive me INSANE. I'm not much for period pieces.

I think I need to lay off purchasing books for a while. So far I have bought five in the last week and my bedside table was already full of them before - but still nothing keeping me interested for any long period of time. I need to get through that first!!!


patrick said...

You were so popular in college that i didn't even call it 'popular.' i called it 'being jill.'

i want to be 'jill' and have lots of friends and go to parties.

i'm not kidding.

Jillferg said...

I did rule then didn't I.

patrick said...

only absolutely. and with an iron fist.

Hayley said...

I can't bring myself to pick up a book after reading the whole Twilight series- it would so just be a rebound book.

Jillferg said...

Hayley -
It thrills me to no end that you are reading my blog.
FYI - I read yours daily!!!!
Twilight has scarred me until the end of time.
The other night on TMZ they played a 5 second clip, I kept rewinding and lying to my husband that something was wrong with our TiVo which is why it kept going backwards.

I need a support group!