Monday, September 29, 2008

Dear Peaches

Dear Sweet Wonderful Peaches who I miss soooo much:

I think you should reconsider your feelings on Dairy Land. From what I can tell, less traffic = less gas = less wait = less worry.

As you watch the leaves change in America's Heartland, I watch the gas prices I am sitting at the station watching crazy people in jalopies scream at each other.

While you are enjoying the oldest run the wrong way at the football game, I am debating whether or not to tool to the place where everybody is somebody to visit our awesome parents to watch a horrible football game.

While you are telling TC no on the camper, I am considering buying a camper to move to Satan's Pants.

Atlanta - 0
Satan's Pants - 3

Love you...send GAS money.


Friday, September 26, 2008

Going to the dark side

I have made a decision...and I think a pretty big one. Peaches and mom will not be too jazzed but......I am going dark with my hair.

Just for the fall / winter season to see how much I like it. AHHH, I am so nervous, this is a big step for me. I have been blonde since birth I guess (not sure) and have been highlighting my hair since the 8th grade. It has taken a lot of maintenance and money so for this season I have decided that I want to try something different. Gus has it and I think she looks great. Call me a copy cat but I want to try to be a brunette.

I consulted with Jeff and he thinks that it will look good. Really, what does he know but...I had to ask someone. Mom already shot it down once. Still defiant.

I am making an appointment next week and cross your fingers I do not chicken out. I know it was a trend, I believe the trend is dead but I am seriously always three years behind so whatever...I'm me and I rock.

I am hoping that this will help me save a little money during the winter season...seeing as how Christmas and the 1st birthday are coming up soon and there are presents to buy...and Caboose. Seriously, could you have maybe planned this better?

Ahh, I hope it looks good. It better look good. It has to look good...right?!?!?!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Three toys and a receiving blanket...we are set

I have SOOO much work to do this week. Really all weeks but it seems like this week it is catching up with me. If I don't get a head start I have a feeling that I will soon get my horrible midnight stress induced stomach pains...that is NO BODIES FRIEND. (ranks up there with lattice and Joe Todd...)

Anyway, so I was near Owen's school today and since I have to leave my office so early to get him and then head home I thought why not just swing in, get him and then head to the office to work. Excellent idea. Upon entering my co-workers swarm. MUST HOLD BABY. They are all so sweet and so excited to see him. I dashed to my office...and then the water works. Great...separation anxiety and I have no time.

Bottle = Chill

Once the bottle was down the hatch, the blanket and the three toys I had in the diaper bag all went on the floor and we are caught up!! He has been so good. Can I bring him in everyday? I am not sure how much work my co-workers got to but I am impressed with my multi-tasking skills. Seriously, I wish I had a video camera right now to capture this moment. Impressed!

Owen rules and if he keeps it up, I have a pile of items to file on my guest chair that he can get to.

Monday, September 22, 2008

If you are looking for a fat lip, please comment on my hair

I am not a fan of having natural curls. In my opinion, they are not pretty, not attractive and all around a big, finger in a light socket look. I despise my hair...really, all the time. After having Owen it refuses to look good. It's dry (I am about to buy the sleek and shine stuff in the ethnic section), it's frizzy, it's UGLY. I am aware...but, it is just plain rude to ask me if my day is going bad because my hair looks terrible...BOSS MAN. You my friend are on notice.

It's all in good fun...blah blah blah. He will appreciate the bill I put on his desk for reimbursement to get my hair did...

I believe that the Asian woman at the Chinese place I stopped at to get my soup today also commented on my hair. Ahhh, love crazy hair. Really...I paid her in change.

(which, as a side note, I have now begun to pay for my lunches in change since I have decided that since I do the laundry in the house what I find becomes mine and if it happens to be quarters and dimes so I can buy hot and sour soup and a cookie then lucky me. I happen to know that my Aunt Ricki found $100 or something once while doing family laundry. I bet she gave it back...she is a better person. I would have TOTALLY kept it and bought myself something pretty and never told.)

Last week the day care called me to tell me that Owen was crying.'re a day care, are you not used to this? Apparently because my baby ROCKS and never cries this was cause for alarm. I spent all of yesterday with him alone because the stupid Falcon's were in town and became witness to this cry. Um...I believe it is what they call a temper tantrum and I think 9 months may be too young for this. TERRIBLE STUFF.

We did find a play ground while walking this weekend and Owen had a wonderful time on the swings. It was a war getting him back into his seat so we could stroll on home. We will be swinging again tonight. I will try to take pictures...action shots if you will.

I have a headache, want to go home and I guess cut my hair off with kitchen scissors.


Monday, September 15, 2008

Dear Andy Rooney

Dear Mr. Rooney:

I am writing you this letter in hopes that I can be a candidate for your job when you decide to retire, or if the Good Lord takes you first...either way, please allow me to be in consideration.

The reason I ask this is because in the few times that I have been able to catch your bit on 60 minutes, you have shown me the contents of your desk, the wires hooked up to your computer, the amount of phones that you keep around you and some dusty books. Most recent I caught your segment last night on the contents of your kitchen drawers.

I typically do not complete the 60 minutes program because it runs in conjunction with bath time for my infant son. He so enjoys to splash around in the tub so who am I to take this away from him. However, last night was an exception because he was given a bath earlier in the day for a birthday party so there was no need for bath time during the 7 o'clock hour. Also, from time to time when I do catch your program I tend to turn the channel because I am appalled by the leanings of your journalists (but that is for another letter coming soon). Although, the piece on Justice Scallia was very insightful and caught my attention so I continued to tune in.

I often laugh about your opening lines because my sister and I would from time to time laugh at our father for pulling "You know what is wrong with America today" when he would catch us watching MTV or some other "trash program". I have been known to even laugh at something you would say.

Last night though was ridiculous. Kitchen drawer contents! There is an election, housing crisis, gas prices, choose to discuss the contents of your kitchen drawers. What pained me the most during this topic was the close ups on your fingers. Gross!!!

I would like to be put in consideration because I too can waste loads of time discussing various non-topics. Take this letter for example. I too have lots of stuff on my desk. A stapler, mouse, mouse pad, some pictures of my adorable son, computer, files, heck...I even have a salt shaker. I have a pen with fuzzy hair, I have a tiki cup full of paper clips. I have a fan that is used only some of the time that I hate turning on because it blows dust everywhere...obviously our cleaners are not very good. I have different kinds of post it notes, some are big, some really small and some that have lines. I am not sure which ones I use most...probably the post it notes with the lines, they keep me organized. I have different color folders for different topics, I like to be colored coordinated and it adds some spice to my office. I have a telephone that lights up when I have a message, I have drawers and staple removers. I have pens...lots of pens, only I prefer to use blue ink.

See...I would be PERFECT for the job. I have other things I can discuss. If it will seal the deal, I can report back to you on the contents of my kitchen cabinets and drawers. Please let me know.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards,

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The hubby has email

So in case you did not know, Jeff was promoted and is now in the world of desk chains. You all can identify...the feeling of being chained to your desk by either your phone cord, your computer cord or just the nagging feeling that if you step out of your office someone will ask you a question and you will just flip out on them for no reason other than the fact that they were the first one to find you at the worst possible moment of the day..................


Anyway, so the hubster has email. This cracks me up. I was put on an 8 to 5 phone ban because I was told I call to much to ask ridiculous questions. "You have an unnatural obsession with dinner"...remember that one? Whatev.

So now that he is desk bound I can email...ALL DAY. I can type at record speed so I can whiz through an email of nonsense faster than anything. Dinner ideas, bank account questions, weekend inquiries on a Tuesday, Owen birthday ideas, Christmas ideas, etc. I am nice enough that I will from time to time email him a picture of Owen to brighten his day.

I have sent a total of three emails to him in the matter of 30 minutes.

I rarely get a response though and when I do, the alignment is always off, they are normally no longer than three sentences and more often than not typically say Fine, Stop, Ok or usually...No.

In my sea of misery as I sit here in my office, at my desk, under a deadline, it makes me smile knowing that I can now annoy the crap out of him...virtually. Also, I was on a long conference call and doodled with a sharpie so now I feel kinda loopy. It's the little things.


Monday, September 8, 2008

we may be making headway

So yesterday was the first Falcons game of the regular season so Owen and I were left to our own devices while Jeff fratted it up with his friends at the Dome. We had a good time was a great game and every time they did something good I clapped so Owen thought it was for him and then laughed and laughed. I will do anything to hear his laugh.

However, during the day we practiced and practiced crawling. I think we are actually making headway. Owen can get on his knee's, move a little and then topples over. The falling down makes him mad so then he cries and we have to start over after a short hissy fit. All in all though I think he is getting there.

While I was on the floor though I noticed that my house is a giant baby trap. There are things everywhere that will need to be taped up, closed up or some how put up when this child begins to crawl. I going to have to get one of those John and Kate plus 8 play fences for the house or something. I think Babies R Us had a few on sale. They are so ugly though...and again, looks are everything.

I am hoping though that once he begins to move, maybe I will move and thus, some of my fat will move off my body. I was looking at a picture of my friend who also has a little guy that moves and, eat a biscuit will ya? She also runs marathons so maybe that has something to do with it. I run for Famous Amos.

Until again.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

90210 2.boooo

So 90210 was a bust last night. Brenda looks terrible, the Peach Pit was silly and I am not sure why the new girl in school is all that confident. I mean...who really tries out for the school play, goes to a party and stands up to the school jock and pretty girl all in one week. Whatever. I went to high school with the same people that I met back in 6th grade and still never stood up to whats her name and whats his face for being jerks. I did however tell a few that they stunk in high school but do not seem that bad after a few drinks at the reunion, but that is another story.

I will continue to watch just to find out who fathered Kelly's child. That better come soon and it better be Brandon or Dylan. I missed the part where Silver (that would be Erin Silver) said why she hated fuzzy hair Naiomi (or whatever). Owen had finished his bottle and it had not registered in his head that he was in fact full.

More updates to come as soon as the show takes off. I will give it three more tries.

On to other things...
We have rearranged our house to be more Owen friendly. Pictures coming soon as I hook up the laptop at home. Peaches should be happy. I think it turned out great. We opened up the "family room" to give him some room to crawl/walk. Unfortunatly he wants to do neither so instead he just has more room to throw his silly toys around. Clover tripped on one the other day. I laughed...which made me feel bad because she is about a hundred years old and probably will break a hip before this is all over. Silly dog.

I have figured out though that Owen will eat anything (well almost) as long as it is mixed with bananas. Child LOVES bananas...which kind of makes him go bananas but it's all good in the hood as long as it is not night night time. We were the picture of family perfection last night all eating dinner together at the dining room table. Owen's new high chair fits perfectly into our decor...because after all, looks are everything.

Tonight I will be watching Palin...and yes Gus, I am still pumped about her.