Monday, September 8, 2008

we may be making headway

So yesterday was the first Falcons game of the regular season so Owen and I were left to our own devices while Jeff fratted it up with his friends at the Dome. We had a good time was a great game and every time they did something good I clapped so Owen thought it was for him and then laughed and laughed. I will do anything to hear his laugh.

However, during the day we practiced and practiced crawling. I think we are actually making headway. Owen can get on his knee's, move a little and then topples over. The falling down makes him mad so then he cries and we have to start over after a short hissy fit. All in all though I think he is getting there.

While I was on the floor though I noticed that my house is a giant baby trap. There are things everywhere that will need to be taped up, closed up or some how put up when this child begins to crawl. I going to have to get one of those John and Kate plus 8 play fences for the house or something. I think Babies R Us had a few on sale. They are so ugly though...and again, looks are everything.

I am hoping though that once he begins to move, maybe I will move and thus, some of my fat will move off my body. I was looking at a picture of my friend who also has a little guy that moves and, eat a biscuit will ya? She also runs marathons so maybe that has something to do with it. I run for Famous Amos.

Until again.


Peaches and Cheese said...

You do not need a tacky fence. You need to just tape up, put up and just say no! Plug up the outlets, and move the glass and everything will be fine. NO TACKY FENCES!

Tiffany said...

I agree with peaches and cheese. Baby proof the room--remove knick knacks and stuff that you really want to protect and let him have his freedom. Of course, there will be some things that are off limits and that is where you get to start teaching him the word, "no!" He'll get it, trust me. You don't need a big fence. After all, looks are everything.