Wednesday, May 27, 2009

For Mom

Isn't she BEAUTIFUL....

As a side note Mom does not think Clover is beautiful. This picture proves otherwise.

And to not forget the other furry angel in my life that everyone loves (EGIS, ELLEB, etc. etc.)

Our new gourmet kitchen

Yea right...
However, we FINALLY put the finishing touches on our kitchen and while I may be a bit biased I think it actually turned out great.

We were a bit worried about the green after we slapped it on the wall but once everything was in place it all came together.

My favorite addition to our now picturesque kitchen is my new buffet. Found at our favorite store for 90% off retail price. We have found so many fun things at this place...LOVE IT.

Since everything is back in order I have more energy to actually cook meals instead of throwing waffles in a toaster. My mother of the year award is in the mail, or so they say.

We still have some small odds and ends to finish up but all in all I think it turned out great.
Now on to the den...or what will soon be the master bedroom after we do our room shuffle to prepare for Baby Ferguson Part 2.

For some reason I cannot get BLOGGER to help me rearrange my pictures and well, I'm starving for lunch, so if things are not in order just roll with it. What was to be an easy posting has now taken up a good 30 minutes and well, I'm just over it.

ALSO, your eyes do not deceive you. These pictures were taken with my HORRIBLE blackberry and therefore are blurry.