Wednesday, October 22, 2008

adult ADD - I got it

Here is a list of things that I jotted down while in a meeting today.

* wonder if the guy talking knows he looks like Santa
* should I tell him...maybe he could make some extra cash this holiday season
* do Germans call German chocolate cake, just chocolate cake or do they refer to it as German
* What about German Shepard's, do they just call them dogs
* Is October Road coming back on
* What about Lost...LOOOOOVE Lost
* Does Purdue chicken know that it creeps me out when they show me Gladys the chicken. Am I eating Gladys every time
* Is that water for everyone or what
* how can I get that water
* should I just get up and get the water
* got the water...that guy has a it rude to not use one
* Santa is talking again - Ho Ho HO
* What's Owen doing
* should I text Jeff...he hates texts
* no response from Jeff on the text - Jerk
* I hope I am not asked a question
* Hope they don't know that the answer I just gave was crap
* Is it long have we been in here
* All day I get emails, now I have none, is this blackberry crap working
* How do I change my ring tone

And I wonder why I still do not have VP after my name here.


Friday, October 17, 2008

my apologies

I know I have not posted a picture of myself with my new dark do but I have not felt pretty enough to stand on the other side of the camera. Plus, every time something social comes up, it also starts to rain and this natural curl girl don't look good in the rain. Years and years of using the hair dryer to object to what God gave me now turns into a frizzy mess when he showers us with love. (That was for you Tiffany)

My thoughts were to take a cute picture of me and the Bigger Baby tonight whilst at the Ryan Adams concert (no...not summer of '69 guy) but it is raining and...again, not feeling pretty.

However, enough about me, this is all things Owen.

Not much going on with the little fella. Still not crawling but some how he does make it around a room. It is more of a butt shuffle. I cannot say that I am not bummed out about his slow to develop ways but I still think he is the most perfect creation in the world so I count my blessings! I actually think he may be a little bit of a comedian - his personality sparkles - and we all know that the world can always use laughter.

He just makes me happy!

I made an appointment to see Santa at Phipps Plaza on November 14th. Owen wanted to make sure that Santa had his list long before December...since he has been such a good boy. While I know that this is not officially Owen's first Christmas, last year he slept and I felt gross (seeing as how I had just pushed out a 9 lb baby 9 days before) I am really excited about this year. I am more organized about the Santa visit than I am at work. Probably should not announce that...what up boss man!!!

But, making an appointment to see Santa...this may just be a little too much. If the picture turns out okay, expect to see Greetings from the Ferguson's in your mail box this holiday season.

Before we speak to Santa though, we must get through Halloween...and my little Sock Monkey cannot wait to trick or treat...and yes he will want candy because his mom needs a sugar fix.

This year is flying by...can you believe it?


Thursday, October 2, 2008

A few things

1. My hair appointment is tomorrow. So nervous but so excited. If it looks bad, I will change it. Just a try though...right. I HATE posting pictures of myself but I promise to try to not act as shallow and let you see the results. LOOKS ARE EVERYTHING.

2. I am concerned about the amount of Marlboro's that Rachel Ray is smoking. I was at home the other day (sick...AS A DOG) and was stuck in my bed. I guess the remote fell off and the mere idea of getting up to get it was totally out of the question so I was stuck watching Rachel. STOP SMOKING. Seriously. I mean, I was afraid with all the giggling she was going to break out in a smokers cough while making pimiento mac and cheese - which looked disgusting and kind of like a smokers cough but whatever.

3. I got gas - the fuel kind. I really was stressed out about it. Laugh all you want now but I could not sleep on Sunday.

4. I hate the View. Terrible show, never watch it.

That is all.