Wednesday, October 22, 2008

adult ADD - I got it

Here is a list of things that I jotted down while in a meeting today.

* wonder if the guy talking knows he looks like Santa
* should I tell him...maybe he could make some extra cash this holiday season
* do Germans call German chocolate cake, just chocolate cake or do they refer to it as German
* What about German Shepard's, do they just call them dogs
* Is October Road coming back on
* What about Lost...LOOOOOVE Lost
* Does Purdue chicken know that it creeps me out when they show me Gladys the chicken. Am I eating Gladys every time
* Is that water for everyone or what
* how can I get that water
* should I just get up and get the water
* got the water...that guy has a it rude to not use one
* Santa is talking again - Ho Ho HO
* What's Owen doing
* should I text Jeff...he hates texts
* no response from Jeff on the text - Jerk
* I hope I am not asked a question
* Hope they don't know that the answer I just gave was crap
* Is it long have we been in here
* All day I get emails, now I have none, is this blackberry crap working
* How do I change my ring tone

And I wonder why I still do not have VP after my name here.



Ingle Nook said...

Too funny! Picture of the dark do?

Peaches and Cheese said...

October Road is over. So, so sad...
Also, I would think German's call their chocolate cake gross b/c it is...

Tiffany said...

You are too funny...I think I would go nuts in a meeting like that. I have a hard time sitting still for even interesting things.

ashkindred said...

Love it....hilarious. You should have been lunching with me!

kennedy said...

that just made me laugh out loud. that is the jill i know and love!