Monday, June 23, 2008

Roll, cat, bike, oh my

Owen finally decided to roll over. Albeit he is now a backwards turtle where he cannot roll over from his belly to his back, only back to belly but he is too adorable for words when he rolls. Clearly thinks he is HOT stuff. I had to get up a few times out of my deep slumber last night to roll him over to his back when he rolled during his sleep. After the second time though I never really fell back asleep because I had a fear that he was going to smother himself. Ahh, what silence at night will do to play tricks in your mind.

The cat is now outside. Not all the time, but the majority, and I think by his own choice. He runs out the door every chance he gets and well, why catch him. He seems to come back on his own when he is hungry and needs some AC and my floors are not kitty-rific if you catch my drift. Bigger Baby seems happy and well...that makes for a happy home.

Jeff has asked if he can get a scooter later on this year. I will keep you posted on that. I have a hilarious image in my head right now and I may just agree to the scooter because I cannot wait to see him tooting down the neighborhood streets on it. It will never happen...I am not holding my breath.

However, I have requested a bike. I think I want to start riding a bike again and it appears to be a better form of exercise than walking because at least there will be a breeze hitting my face as I ride down hills at top speed. I sort of want one that I can carry Owen on but I am not 100% sure I will not crash us both so I may leave the baby bike to Jeff. He is a better rider than I am. We shall see. All the big bucks sitting in our account right now is burning a hole in our pocket (JOKING...there is no money to be spending on bikes so I will just find one on the side of the road and fix that up. I should ride a bike so I can save on gas but I spend so much on gas that I cannot afford a bike. The cycle continues...get it, cycle) are all updated. The thrilling life I do lead.
And by the way, I had a co-worker say that she was unable to clean out the ice cream scooper because the sponge was gone...USE A PAPER TOWEL.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dear Co-Workers

Dear Co-Workers:

As a new mother of a six month old angel; I now notice more and more the amount of germs I come in contact with. Aside from the normal day to day, millions and millions of germs live in common everyday useful things; ie: phones, desks, cars, pens, etc. I can live with this. Our bodies must become immune.

However, although we work together in very close proximity and interact together 5 days a week, I am still perplexed as to what you all do during your down time. I have never been to your homes, I have no way of knowing your upkeep and I can live with the theory that many of you probably do not vacuum, clean, dust or run your dishwasher on a daily basis. That is okay...march to the beat of your own drummer.

During the five days that we are together though, I would greatly appreciate you taking the common courtesy of wringing out the smelly, disgusting sponge that you all so willingly use to wash your dishes. I understand that quite a few of you are trying to decrease your carbon footprint and that by using this nasty sponge you feel that you are today's Al Gore. However, when I have to touch it so that I too can use the sink to wash my dishes out with (gasp) a paper towel I do not want to pick up your smelly, stinky sponge and find that it is soaked with water, food bits and other germy type things.

I am the culprit who continues to throw your sponge away. I confess. One time and one time only did I take a plastic bag out of the drawer, use it as a glove and squeezed your little sponge out till it was dry with delight. That was before the 254th time of me coming into our small kitchenette to find the orange goddess sitting in the sink soaking wet.

So, as a gesture of goodwill, I promise not to go absolutely postal if you promise to stop purchasing, bring to the office and using nasty smelly, germ infested sponges.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Unless you are after a stroller and a car seat, my car is not for you

So this morning as the Ferguson fam is heading out of the house to go to work, we notice that the passenger side window on our car is broken. Glass everywhere. NICE. What an awesome start to the day that is booked solid with meetings and such. I was in such a good mood this morning too. We were on our way out the door, schedule in hand and a clear head on my shoulders.

Oh happens. Unfortunately life happens three days away from pay day when the bank account is in the low. Guess it is time to ask the ole' boss man for a raise...great economy and all.

The sad part of it all was that I was in less of a bad mood once I knew it happened to a guy down the street too. At least I know I was not targeted. However, they actually got some of his golf clubs and a radio, my car, they got my work, if they could be so kind as to finish that document I was working on, that would be great. I would think that would be the least they could do, seeing as how they OWE me since my time was wasted dealing with this situation.

Owen was happy at least, he had an extra two hours with his Daddy instead of having to be carted off to school early in the morning.

The bright side of this...if there is one, is that the glass place I took my car to is offering a special that if I take my car there, I get a free $50 gas card (probably only good at the one Citgo or something in Villa Rica) but hey, if it is good anywhere then I guess I will be heading to ole Hangin Dog gassed up and ready to go this weekend.

I was happy that they did not steal the plethora of toys that Owen keeps in the car. I think that would have really made me mad...stealing a kids toys. Thankfully, they were not looking for a teething ring or light up turtle.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

the monkey is GONE

So, I passed my test. It was MUCH easier than I had thought and everyone was right. I missed one but hey, that is 98% and I am OK with that. Done, closed, over...hooray.

The breathing treatment was SUPER easy. He actually laughed and it takes all of 2 seconds. HOWEVER, $100 later (that plastic tube thing was like $70) he seems be breathing better.

I was also informed yesterday that Owen has a little girlfriend at school. Cute girl, she has a puff of hair on her head that reminds me of my cabbage patch kid Kate (Chauncey was bald if you recall) BUT...Owen is not allowed to have girlfriends, regardless of how cute they are. The teacher said that this little girl would not leave Owen's side yesterday. Probably because he had on a cute outfit that his GoGo gave him. Today I dressed him in the brightest yellow thing ever to keep her away...CAUTION MY MOMMY IS WATCHING YOU!!!

I am super excited for this weekend. Not much going on, but it will be a weekend without studying and that will be nice. My awesome brother in law was just accepted to Grad School and as much as I love him and think he is a genius I could think of NOTHING more horrible than going back to school. Best of luck to you, Donna Martin Graduates!!!

Well, that is all for now.


Monday, June 2, 2008

cough cough go away, Baby Owen wants to play

So, the horrible, no good, very bad cough has not removed itself from Owen's chest and thus, we have to resort to the inhaler. Boo!!!

I am not looking forward to this, simply because the idea of attaching a suction cup like thing to his poor face and then blasting him with an inhaler is NOT my idea of fun, Mommy - Owen time. And...asking Jeff to do it...well, there would be no way. He was a CHAMP the day he had to take Owen to the doctor when he was sick and swore he would never do anything again that made the child cry that much. my mom did it for me, I will administer the medicine for Owen. I will try not to cry...I have been good so far with shots, day care and sleep overs. Maybe for comic relief I will take a picture tonight and post it. Ohhh the horror.

The cough does not affect his cute little attitude NOR does it hold him back from eating. Child LOVES his formula. He also loves carrots...much better than green beans. Have to disagree with you there kid. Carrots, bananas and applesauce are Good Good Good. Beans = two thumbs down.

Now, on to the cat. He was an outside cat for four hours yesterday. AHHH. However, after being stuck out in the sun, he was NOT running out the door as he normally does every time it was opened yesterday. I was convinced that someone rode by our house and saw the Prince sitting on the porch and said, I have to have that most handsome cat and stole him. A few hours of me calling his name with no luck had me pouting. After shaking his food bowl outside a few times, Prince Samuel J. Ray made his appearance. Jeff is now excited because the cat can go outside. My argument now...It is way too hot for Fat Cats to be just walkin' around. I think he growled at me again and walked away. And, as a matter of fact I think I may have heard him say "I swear you love that cat more than me", but I don't know, I was too busy telling Samuel what a wonderful, adorable, loving creature he is to listen to anything that Jeff had to say.

I am studied OUT. It is no wonder I was a MISERABLE student. I think most of my grades in school were because the teacher did not want to deal with me anymore OR because I have such an awesome personality they had no excuse but to pass me so I could go on to achieve great things. HA! I was seriously thinking that there had to be some way...SOME WAY, to get out of this no good test. All the information is jumbled together. But, if I passed that wretched State License Test (something I would not wish on my worse enemy) I can pass this. I hope. Real Estate = two thumbs down...FOR SURE.

So, I guess I should end the blog here. Because, I should go back to my studies..or work...or maybe see if Kinderdly wants to IM.