Tuesday, June 3, 2008

the monkey is GONE

So, I passed my test. It was MUCH easier than I had thought and everyone was right. I missed one but hey, that is 98% and I am OK with that. Done, closed, over...hooray.

The breathing treatment was SUPER easy. He actually laughed and it takes all of 2 seconds. HOWEVER, $100 later (that plastic tube thing was like $70) he seems be breathing better.

I was also informed yesterday that Owen has a little girlfriend at school. Cute girl, she has a puff of hair on her head that reminds me of my cabbage patch kid Kate (Chauncey was bald if you recall) BUT...Owen is not allowed to have girlfriends, regardless of how cute they are. The teacher said that this little girl would not leave Owen's side yesterday. Probably because he had on a cute outfit that his GoGo gave him. Today I dressed him in the brightest yellow thing ever to keep her away...CAUTION MY MOMMY IS WATCHING YOU!!!

I am super excited for this weekend. Not much going on, but it will be a weekend without studying and that will be nice. My awesome brother in law was just accepted to Grad School and as much as I love him and think he is a genius I could think of NOTHING more horrible than going back to school. Best of luck to you, Donna Martin Graduates!!!

Well, that is all for now.



Peaches and Cheese said...

Congrats on passing the test! You're so super smart (just like your sister).

Tiffany said...

You go girl--you are so super smart like Jesse James said. Are you going to be a real estate agent now? Is this something for your job or what?

Anonymous said...

Congrats girl!! That is super exciting news.