Tuesday, September 29, 2009

For The Love Cat...Get It Together

So the cat is sick...AGAIN.

Are you kidding me!?!?!

After the flood of 2009 Sam finally was able to make his escape outside...last Wednesday or so.
He was gone for TWO WHOLE DAYS. He is the only cat on the block with a curfew that he ignored until Friday night at 9 pm.

So, inside walks Sam...with a limp.
So, I thought...maybe he just needs food. He ate, slept on the bathroom floor and snoozed the night and half the day away.

Saturday afternoon rolls around and Mom and Dad come over to help with the nursery.
Sam runs under the bed...and HAS NOT COME OUT.

He FINALLY came out three times last night to eat and drink but to my knowledge has yet to go to the restroom.
He cannot use his back left leg.
So sad!!!!

However, I am a little annoyed. Now, after the flood of 2009 I have to somehow skip out of work to take the silly cat to the vet. Mind you, Owen's school was closed on Tuesday and then he had some weird rash and I had to take him to the doctor on Wednesday. TWO DAYS OUT. Do you really think that Boozie the Boss will understand that I am out again only this time for my cat?

My thing...if he can make it to his box then he is fine. But then again, I feel super bad because if my leg was hurt and no one took me to the doctor I would be really really ticked.

This cat has more issues than Old Girl Clover...who I swear is going to break a hip jumping off the sofa one day.

And...if I have not mentioned it before, the Save Sam Fund is non-existent. I am sure Bigger Baby will put a cap on what I can spend to ensure Sam is up to full capacity.

Updates to come.
Hopefully by the time I come home, Sam will be as bouncy as Tigger.


Monday, September 28, 2009

A work in progress

We are still working hard getting the nursery put together. Nana and Papa came out this weekend and we (they) were able to help Jeff hang shelves and decide on decor locations.

We still need to get Owen a mattress and box spring for his big boy bed and start that transition. Nana made the most adorable bed rail covers that I cannot wait to use. SO CUTE. They are not photographed at this moment because well...the bed is not ready.

Here are some pictures of the progress we are making. We (Jeff) may take a few days off from the decorating but my nesting instincts are really kicking in and I want things to be ready...NOW. I still have a LOT to do myself and I have entered into list making mode. Now, if I can just find all of those lists....

Enjoy the pics. I promise more to come as we finish up!

This is Owen's new big boy bed...of course without mattress and box spring.

The toy corner. Please NO MORE TOYS.

The changing table and "Katie" wall. Owen's name will go above his bed...but we ran out of letter hanging supplies.

We are trying to have boy decor and girl decor in different places around the room. This is some of the girl decor. The letters were made by Ashley...and they are adorable!!!!

Here is the boy decor.

And finally...a very excited big brother showing that he is more than excited to share his room...with a girl.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The move has begun

A special shout out goes to Bigger Baby for all the hard work that he put in this weekend moving our entire house around to make way for Katie-Jane. It looks wonderful! Now it is up to me and Nana (Nana really) to put it all together and make it adorable. Pictures will come (hopefully) next week once the work is complete. I promise to take some tonight of the before's so you can see all the progress that we make!!!

I dreaded the move. It made my stomach hurt thinking about it but after all was said and done I am really pleased about the way things are starting to look. What I am NOT happy about...stupid Clover had an accident on one of my very favorite things in the world...my feather bed. So, last night after spending the weekend at Mom and Dad's, confined to a twin bed I tossed and turned because my bed was not swallowing me up in the comfort of feathers and softness. Grrr....stupid Clover. Hold your bladder!!!!

Must add that to the items we must purchase list to prepare for Baby Katie-Jane.

The baby shower for Katie-Jane was wonderful. Monica and Ashley can throw one fancy party and I am the luckiest girl in the world for having them as friends. I LOVE YOU MONNIE AND GUS GUS!!!!!!!! Can you believe that I have known them for over 15 years? For Jill that is a LONG time, seeing as how I can really tire people out. But those two girls love me for some reason...I think it is my wit and charm and therefore deseve a medal for putting up with me for that long. Mom's camera did not have batteries so we have no pictures but I think Gus took a few and will post some whenever she finds time. I was also very happy to spend time with baby Zachary and baby Caroline. Adorable!!!!!

The countdown is on. I cannot believe in just 9 short weeks (maybe less) she will be here! AHHH. I am just as excited as I was when I was about to deliver Owen. I hope Katie knows what an awesome big brother she is about to get. He is the best little boy in the world. I cannot believe God is blessing me with another one.

Enough with the sappy...
As a notice to all my awesome readers, I will be guest blogging on Friday for my girl Kindredly so take a glance over there if you would like. I am not sure what my topic will be...and I am a little nervous. She is an excellent blogger and her blog is actually read by strangers, unlike my blog which is only read by people in the McKinney family and Tobin family (love ya'll!!!), so please wish me luck. I do not want to disappoint her readers and ruin her chances at a book deal.

Until next time...