Monday, September 28, 2009

A work in progress

We are still working hard getting the nursery put together. Nana and Papa came out this weekend and we (they) were able to help Jeff hang shelves and decide on decor locations.

We still need to get Owen a mattress and box spring for his big boy bed and start that transition. Nana made the most adorable bed rail covers that I cannot wait to use. SO CUTE. They are not photographed at this moment because well...the bed is not ready.

Here are some pictures of the progress we are making. We (Jeff) may take a few days off from the decorating but my nesting instincts are really kicking in and I want things to be ready...NOW. I still have a LOT to do myself and I have entered into list making mode. Now, if I can just find all of those lists....

Enjoy the pics. I promise more to come as we finish up!

This is Owen's new big boy bed...of course without mattress and box spring.

The toy corner. Please NO MORE TOYS.

The changing table and "Katie" wall. Owen's name will go above his bed...but we ran out of letter hanging supplies.

We are trying to have boy decor and girl decor in different places around the room. This is some of the girl decor. The letters were made by Ashley...and they are adorable!!!!

Here is the boy decor.

And finally...a very excited big brother showing that he is more than excited to share his room...with a girl.

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