Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I know...I am a terrible blogger. I should change the name...the terrible bloggers blog. I cannot promise I will get better, I can only promise to try.

With that said...

The countdown is officially OFF!!
As many of you know I LOVE my birthday. LOVE IT.
What a banner day, Jill came into the world to brighten your lives with joy and happiness on April 28, 1980. Jane and Butch struck GOLD with number two. (yes, I said it)
However, this year I am super bummed. 29
Most people get bummed at 30, 29 is coming in like a freight train and I am not looking forward to it.
My reason for my distaste for all things 29 is that this is the end of an twenties. The fabulous, roaring twenties.
Since Mom, Dad, Aunt Ricki, Tiffany and so on read this blog I will not go into detail about the fun I had during my roaring twenties. G rated...IT WAS A BLAST and those of you reading this that were around for most of it know it.

Aside from the awesome fun things I did, I also accomplished some major milestones during my twenties. Graduated college, got a job, got married, started another job, got fired, crawled on my hands and knees to former job asking to be taken back, got promoted, bought a house, had a baby...
What is available to do during my 30's?
To top it off, I swore by the time I reached 30 I would have VP as a title, drive fast and furious in my awesome car and wear designer clothes and carry real leather purses. I informed my boss about my VP goal and I am not sure if it was the "medication" or what but he actually chuckled like a Yea a VP chuckle. I blame his "medication".

So I would prefer to skip 29 all together. It is just the finality of it...the year looming around that says, you have 365 to get your act together. Um, in case you have not noticed, I may never get my act together.

NOW...this in no way means presents will not be accepted!!!! They will make me feel better....

Owen is walking all over the place
Is a MAJOR sass
can say, ball, bus, bird, dog and he can bark

Jeff is good too.