Monday, June 23, 2008

Roll, cat, bike, oh my

Owen finally decided to roll over. Albeit he is now a backwards turtle where he cannot roll over from his belly to his back, only back to belly but he is too adorable for words when he rolls. Clearly thinks he is HOT stuff. I had to get up a few times out of my deep slumber last night to roll him over to his back when he rolled during his sleep. After the second time though I never really fell back asleep because I had a fear that he was going to smother himself. Ahh, what silence at night will do to play tricks in your mind.

The cat is now outside. Not all the time, but the majority, and I think by his own choice. He runs out the door every chance he gets and well, why catch him. He seems to come back on his own when he is hungry and needs some AC and my floors are not kitty-rific if you catch my drift. Bigger Baby seems happy and well...that makes for a happy home.

Jeff has asked if he can get a scooter later on this year. I will keep you posted on that. I have a hilarious image in my head right now and I may just agree to the scooter because I cannot wait to see him tooting down the neighborhood streets on it. It will never happen...I am not holding my breath.

However, I have requested a bike. I think I want to start riding a bike again and it appears to be a better form of exercise than walking because at least there will be a breeze hitting my face as I ride down hills at top speed. I sort of want one that I can carry Owen on but I am not 100% sure I will not crash us both so I may leave the baby bike to Jeff. He is a better rider than I am. We shall see. All the big bucks sitting in our account right now is burning a hole in our pocket (JOKING...there is no money to be spending on bikes so I will just find one on the side of the road and fix that up. I should ride a bike so I can save on gas but I spend so much on gas that I cannot afford a bike. The cycle continues...get it, cycle) are all updated. The thrilling life I do lead.
And by the way, I had a co-worker say that she was unable to clean out the ice cream scooper because the sponge was gone...USE A PAPER TOWEL.



ashkindred said...

OMG...did Ra get lost and come to your office?

We have bikes. We never ride them because we always opt to walk the dogs. Jonathan's afraid we might accidentally run over the dogs if we ride. We have really good roads for bike riding. I think I might go for a ride when I get home.


Tiffany said...

I love my new bike! It's a Point Beach Cruiser that I got at Wal-mart. I highly recommend it. It's got a nice comfy seat and rides really smoothly.
Congrats to Owen on rolling over!

Peaches and Cheese said...

I totally want to see Jeff on his new scooter!!! I think he needs a really masculine color like teal or yellow. Maybe he can get flames on the back or a honk if you love Mayfield sticker for his helmet. Beep - Beep Jeff...

Anonymous said...

If Owen is big enough to roll over, he is past the point where you need to worry about him suffocating in the middle of the night. Rest easy, mom. But I know how that's easier said than done!

Oh, and question... I'm going to need to know if your kitty is declawed. Mine runs out every freaking time the door opens too, and I am so tempted to just leave him out there. There have been a time or two he's been inadvertantly left out overnight, and he seems fine with it. But I'm worried because he has no front claws. Not that it will stop him from biting though. Sadly, he needs a new home. Maybe he will run away and find one! Horrible???