Thursday, October 2, 2008

A few things

1. My hair appointment is tomorrow. So nervous but so excited. If it looks bad, I will change it. Just a try though...right. I HATE posting pictures of myself but I promise to try to not act as shallow and let you see the results. LOOKS ARE EVERYTHING.

2. I am concerned about the amount of Marlboro's that Rachel Ray is smoking. I was at home the other day (sick...AS A DOG) and was stuck in my bed. I guess the remote fell off and the mere idea of getting up to get it was totally out of the question so I was stuck watching Rachel. STOP SMOKING. Seriously. I mean, I was afraid with all the giggling she was going to break out in a smokers cough while making pimiento mac and cheese - which looked disgusting and kind of like a smokers cough but whatever.

3. I got gas - the fuel kind. I really was stressed out about it. Laugh all you want now but I could not sleep on Sunday.

4. I hate the View. Terrible show, never watch it.

That is all.



Ingle Nook said...

I can't wait to see the results of the DARK SIDE! I think it is going to look awesome!

Ingle Nook said...


Jillferg said...

I still need to take one. Soon!!! I was hoping that it would be this weekend when we were out and about but I forgot the camera.

I like it though!!!

ashkindred said...

Time for a new one, jill!!