Wednesday, September 3, 2008

90210 2.boooo

So 90210 was a bust last night. Brenda looks terrible, the Peach Pit was silly and I am not sure why the new girl in school is all that confident. I mean...who really tries out for the school play, goes to a party and stands up to the school jock and pretty girl all in one week. Whatever. I went to high school with the same people that I met back in 6th grade and still never stood up to whats her name and whats his face for being jerks. I did however tell a few that they stunk in high school but do not seem that bad after a few drinks at the reunion, but that is another story.

I will continue to watch just to find out who fathered Kelly's child. That better come soon and it better be Brandon or Dylan. I missed the part where Silver (that would be Erin Silver) said why she hated fuzzy hair Naiomi (or whatever). Owen had finished his bottle and it had not registered in his head that he was in fact full.

More updates to come as soon as the show takes off. I will give it three more tries.

On to other things...
We have rearranged our house to be more Owen friendly. Pictures coming soon as I hook up the laptop at home. Peaches should be happy. I think it turned out great. We opened up the "family room" to give him some room to crawl/walk. Unfortunatly he wants to do neither so instead he just has more room to throw his silly toys around. Clover tripped on one the other day. I laughed...which made me feel bad because she is about a hundred years old and probably will break a hip before this is all over. Silly dog.

I have figured out though that Owen will eat anything (well almost) as long as it is mixed with bananas. Child LOVES bananas...which kind of makes him go bananas but it's all good in the hood as long as it is not night night time. We were the picture of family perfection last night all eating dinner together at the dining room table. Owen's new high chair fits perfectly into our decor...because after all, looks are everything.

Tonight I will be watching Palin...and yes Gus, I am still pumped about her.



Peaches and Cheese said...

OK, Silver doesn't like Naomi b/c when Silver was in 8th grade she found out her dad was cheating on her mom ( you know David's dad and Kelly's mom) and didn't want her mom to find out incase it made her go back to drinking. So - she told her bff Naomi who told everyone which in turn led to crazy mom finding out and her parents getting a divorce. All this after the bff's had gotten matching tatoo's (you know b/c every 8th grader gets matching tatoos).
I read that Dylan is Kelly's son's father and that he might come back to the show. After last nights episodes he's going to have to or the show's going the way of Cave Men.
Looking forward to seeing pics of the new layout...

Ingle Nook said...

Who needs to watch with an update like that! Thanks girls! I love your sweet!

ashkindred said...

Your house is adorable. I love it, I love Owen, I love Clover and her stinky breath....any time you want to borrow Mia, you go right ahead.

I didn't watch 90210 or Palin. I have issues with the TV

Anonymous said...

Perez said that Dylan's Kelly's baby-daddy. And the show sucked. I'm catching up with Gossip Girl. I believe that will be my show this year. oh, that and Weeds. I need to watch less TV, apparently.

Love your house pics, btw. Too cute!