Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The hubby has email

So in case you did not know, Jeff was promoted and is now in the world of desk chains. You all can identify...the feeling of being chained to your desk by either your phone cord, your computer cord or just the nagging feeling that if you step out of your office someone will ask you a question and you will just flip out on them for no reason other than the fact that they were the first one to find you at the worst possible moment of the day..................


Anyway, so the hubster has email. This cracks me up. I was put on an 8 to 5 phone ban because I was told I call to much to ask ridiculous questions. "You have an unnatural obsession with dinner"...remember that one? Whatev.

So now that he is desk bound I can email...ALL DAY. I can type at record speed so I can whiz through an email of nonsense faster than anything. Dinner ideas, bank account questions, weekend inquiries on a Tuesday, Owen birthday ideas, Christmas ideas, etc. I am nice enough that I will from time to time email him a picture of Owen to brighten his day.

I have sent a total of three emails to him in the matter of 30 minutes.

I rarely get a response though and when I do, the alignment is always off, they are normally no longer than three sentences and more often than not typically say Fine, Stop, Ok or usually...No.

In my sea of misery as I sit here in my office, at my desk, under a deadline, it makes me smile knowing that I can now annoy the crap out of him...virtually. Also, I was on a long conference call and doodled with a sharpie so now I feel kinda loopy. It's the little things.


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