Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Three toys and a receiving blanket...we are set

I have SOOO much work to do this week. Really all weeks but it seems like this week it is catching up with me. If I don't get a head start I have a feeling that I will soon get my horrible midnight stress induced stomach pains...that is NO BODIES FRIEND. (ranks up there with lattice and Joe Todd...)

Anyway, so I was near Owen's school today and since I have to leave my office so early to get him and then head home I thought why not just swing in, get him and then head to the office to work. Excellent idea. Upon entering my co-workers swarm. MUST HOLD BABY. They are all so sweet and so excited to see him. I dashed to my office...and then the water works. Great...separation anxiety and I have no time.

Bottle = Chill

Once the bottle was down the hatch, the blanket and the three toys I had in the diaper bag all went on the floor and we are caught up!! He has been so good. Can I bring him in everyday? I am not sure how much work my co-workers got to but I am impressed with my multi-tasking skills. Seriously, I wish I had a video camera right now to capture this moment. Impressed!

Owen rules and if he keeps it up, I have a pile of items to file on my guest chair that he can get to.


Tiffany said...

I am in GA this week and we drove right past Owen's day care. Mom pointed it out to me. I wanted to go in there soooo bad and take a peek at Owen!!! We figured they would think we were nuts and wouldn't let us get near him though.

Wells Family said...

Unfortunately, this will not work with Cooper anymore. He is too LOUD! Seriously, he talks so much and is so vocal that I would immediately have to go into the Dean's office for a chat. I'm so jealous! I'd love to have Coop with me everyday!! Or apparently Owen with me everyday!!

kennedy said... you did just say lattice and joe todd. i don't think you realize how that just made my day. it seriously made me laugh out loud. haven't said that since college.

you rock jill mckinney (you will always be this to me). muchos gracias. :)

ashkindred said...

OMG....Owen is f-ing amazing. I love that child. And next time you have him ACROSS THE STREET you need to shoot me a quick IM. I'll dart across Peachtree like there's a fire on my ass!