Monday, January 12, 2009

Twilight Zone

So everyone else is posting / blogging about life post Twilight. I am going to agree that it has been hard. It is like trying to stop drinking, or not eating chocolate while you have PMS, or (since this is all things Owen) letting a baby cry it out one night.

Ashley and I went to see the movie on Friday. The movie was so silly, the acting was terrible and you know what...I LOVED IT. Loved it. I will be pre-ordering the DVD as soon as possible so that it will be in my hands March 21st. If I could skip work right now and go watch it again I would.

So I thought to myself that maybe my obsession with the Twilight series is just a new obsession with reading. B. Dalton across the street is closing (a fact I did not know until Ashley told me today...thank you) and everything was 50% off. I picked up these three today.

I actually have heard that Prep is a pretty good book and I do like Jennifer Weiner so maybe my obsession will slow down a little until Stephenie Meyer puts out another book...that better have Edward in it or I am not buying it.

However, I could use your help. Please suggest any good books that I will get totally sucked into and never want to put down.

On another note, we have received word that at the latest Baby Caboose will be coming on Wednesday. Mom is flying up to the frozen tundra tonight so we should have pictures as soon as Baby Madden makes his arrival. I cannot wait!!!!


Tiffany said...

I have a whole list of books on my blog you could check out. My latest favorite is anything by Jodi Picoult. Every story is different and always has a cool twist that you don't see coming. I've read those two by Jennifer Weiner and liked them. The other one I haven't heard of. I'll have to look into it.
I can't wait to see pics of caboose and find out his real name!
My word verification is "pylacra" sounds like something short for "pile of crap."

ashkindred said...

good luck.
Marley & Me is fabulous, but it's crap compared to Twilight.

Dandilion said...

I love Jennifer Weiner! I can alwasy identify with her stuff. I spent all summer/fall reading Nicholas Sparks stuff (even stuff I'd already read) after I finished the Twilight series. It held my attention well enough until the movie came out. AND, I might recommend some Ann Rice books to keep the vampire love going for awhile.

Moi' said...

Um...I think you would like 'I am Charlotte Simmons'-it'll take you back to the college days.

I'm assuming you've read Emily Giffin. Her stuff is pretty good.

Right now I'm loving anything by Anita Shreeves. I just love the way she writes.