Friday, October 30, 2009

Georgia Woman gives birth to 22 lb baby

That will be the headline when I finally birth this baby. I hope that they at least airbrush my picture a little bit so I don't look so silly in People Magazine.

All jokes aside, I am huge. HUGE. I know everyone says that but I am.
I dropped Owen off at school today and one of his friends at school has a new baby brother. The woman was a giant. I am surprised she could still drive. I felt horrible just looking at her, I know she had to be super uncomfortable...she delivered her beast of a baby last night...10lbs. OH MY.

So, I go to the doctor today for my weekly check-up and got to have an ultrasound. Confirmation that yes, indeed it is a girl...and she is already weighing in at...GET THIS.
8 pounds 4 oz...and NO, they are NOT inducing me.

Doctor said...Jill, you have given birth to a 9lb baby, you can handle it.
I say - I am not trying to top myself. The birth of the 9 lb child was not a cake walk...I was sort of hoping for less this go 'round.
"Apparently" these ultrasound measurements are not exact. Well, okay, then why bother?

So, needless to say, I am SUPER uncomfortable and ready to NOT be pregnant anymore.
I went ahead and ate spicy soup for lunch today and right now but stomach is so tight it may pop. I know these are those horrible Braxton Hicks contractions but still...NO FUN.

I go back the doctor on Friday November 6th.
They promised me not to make me go any further than 39 weeks...which is in 3 weeks. I swear, the headline will probably be true.


ashkindred said...

holy crap, girl.

Ingle Nook said...

How exciting! I know your uncomfortable but soon...little Katie Jane will be here. I want to hold her!

patrick said...

So, what's the update? Baby time?