Saturday, April 26, 2008

If you think he looks bad, you should see the other guy

So, Owen has horrible dry skin. Clearly gets it from his mother...we are never adequately moisturized. So, because of this, he has a tendency to scratch and claw at his face, head, legs...whatever. I feel terrible, he looks like he got into a fight. The other day I went to pick him up from school and he has a horrible scratch on his leg. The child isn't even walking and already he has scrapes.

So, to compound the saga of the scratch attack, Owen is now experiencing another small cough (compliments of day care I'm sure) followed up by maybe some teething (he keeps drooling really bad and putting his hands in his mouth) which gives him a small amount of diarrhea and diaper rash. YIPPIE!!!! However, my awesome child has laughed and laughed all day with family, talked, giggled, typical Owen. Just laid back...whatever.

UNTIL the REMOTE. From out of nowhere the remote falls on his poor little head. Clearly this is the straw that will break the camels back. He has been so good, so well behaved but the remote knocking him in the head has sent him to Fussy Town. He was only there for a few moments, but I felt TERRIBLE. I wanted to through the remote out the window. It was my fault but it was all I could do to not blame someone. The sofa got a stern talking to.

Thankfully all is settled. Bottle has been fed, jammies are on, lotion applied. It is night night time and I suspect that tomorrow morning REMOTE GATE will be a distant memory.

I have also attempted again for the 6,346,708 time to file and cut his nails so it does not look like he got into fisticuffs with Sam. I swear, even today when Nana gave him new toys he was knocking himself in the head with them. You would think Remote Gate would just have reminded him of that.

Oh well...till tomorrow.


Tiffany said...

I always bit my baby's nails. They are still really soft and easy to bite off.
I think you should trash the remote. Who needs one of those anyway?

GAPCH said...

I'm glad to see Owen has my pasty white coloring. Lucky boy.
Please let Owen know that if his mommy hits him with the remote again I'm calling child services and requesting that he be given to ME!

Grammy said...

I'm thinking your dry skin could use a little Mary Kay Intense Moisturizer!! I can hook you up.

He is the cutest little guy!! Such a sweet smile. His Aunt Ricki needs to come over and get some Owen lovin!!