Tuesday, May 6, 2008

That was then


With that said, I was thinking the other day that it was been a year since I found out I was pregnant with Owen...and on Thursday it will be a year since I saw him for the first time. I still get butterflies in my stomach thinking about that day. I was so anxious, excited, nervous, everything. I cannot believe that this little thing became OWEN!!!

He got a new jumperoo on Saturday. Nana picked it up for him and thankfully she and Papa put it together because it looks very complicated and has a bunch of parts. However, he LOVES it and thinks that it is hilarious that he can bend his legs and then bounce. I will post pictures of this soon. It looks like a carnival ride...it clearly does not match my house decor, but Owen has fun in it so that is all that matters.

The whole Fergie clan will be Walking for a Cure on Saturday (if it does not rain) and I am so excited. I have been telling you all how much I want to be outside, exercising, having family time. This counts for it all. I am PRAYING it does not rain during the walk because I cannot wait to see Bigger Baby in his Team Smatties shirt. (also, I am still taking donations so any help would be great...tax deductible)

Owen got to have another spend the night party at Nana's and Papa's over the weekend so BB and I went to see a movie. While sitting in the theatre I realized...people are MORONS.

Movie Edict Rule #1 - If you are late to the movie, you must sit in the first place you see. Do not stand there searching for an upper seat in the middle causing people to move and shuffle. I got here on time, found my seat and have settled in. You did not and dilly-dallied at the concession stand. Sit up front.

Rule #2 - If the movie is rated PG-13 and over and you choose to bring your "teen" aged child and there happens to be some sort of love scene, do not lean over and try to explain DURING THE MOVIE that this is what grown up's only in love do. Not the time.

Rule #3 - I should always know that if a group of teenagers come into the film that I have planned on watching, I should just leave and request my money back. Nothing good can come of teenagers. I was one once, I know how they act. I may start lobbying for curfew's. No teenager out past 7 pm on Saturday.

I did like the movie though...21, check it out.

Well...enough for now.

Oh, I did get my hair cut. FINALLY. Love it. MUCH BETTER.

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