Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I have blogging ADD

I have been a terrible blogger. My blogging ADD kicked in months ago and I cannot seem to get myself out of the rut. With nothing exciting going on in my life, I find it hard to pull topics out of thin air to bore my loyal audience.

However, I feel bad so I thought that I would at least blog about not blogging. The irony.

As mentioned though, nothing fun and exciting has been going on in the Ferguson house. Other than Owen just being wonderful, we have been laying low after the families flew back to their respective homes. It was a whirlwind for a few weeks with everyone in town but things are back to normal.

The family visits were awesome!!! I miss all of them so much.

On the Owen front - not much going on. He still thinks crawling is a bore and has figured out that if he fusses long enough eventually someone will put him where he wants to be. I tend to allow the fussiness to go a little longer than Jeff...however, it just does not seem to be something that he is very interested in at the time. We remain patient.

We are starting to introduce the sippy cup during solid food feedings. I am not very calm during choking situations so typically the sippy cup is thrown in the sink at the first cough. We keep trying though.

Owen did get a new big boy car seat. The carrier is no more and now the Evenflow Tribute is in the Nitro. He looks so grown up in it. I was bummed...I remember putting Baby Owen in the carrier about a thousand times when we were about to leave the hospital because I wanted to make sure that he was safe and sound...and I was also convinced that if he was in there wrong they wouldn't let me take him home. He looked so tiny in that thing the first day. Now his feet hang out of it and he looks like a monster in the thing.

The big 10 year reunion is Saturday and I am still debating on what to wear. Like I told Ashley...I just want to be comfortable (not frumpy) and cute. Either way, I think alcohol will make the party much more fun (sorry mom!)

Until next month...(or until I think of other blogs to blog about)



Tiffany said...

Good to hear from you again. You know if you have nothing to write about just post pictures. Everybody loves to see pictures of cute babies.
Or find something to rant and rave about like Jessica. :0)

Grammy said...

Brayden is looking forward to his playdate with Owen on Saturday. We are going to play at Nana and Papa's.
Have fun at your reunion.
Love Aunt Ricki

ashkindred said...'s time for a new one.