Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Paging Dr. McDreamy

So I met with the surgeon yesterday and despite the title of the post he was NOT Dr. McDreamy...and yes, I still watch Grey's in the HOPES that it will get better.

Nice guy...gave me the info I needed and informed me that surgery is not my only option, albeit the best option but I can see if I can hold off until the first of the year and change my eating habits and life style and it may be something that I can live with. We shall see. I am not feeling too hot right now but it could have something to do with how high my blood pressure got while on the way to work with the constant stupid emails coming in and traffic. Satan's Pants say What.

So now I am going on a low fat diet to improve my body and digestive system in the hopes that I do not have to go under the knife to remove a non-essential part of my body. Why is it even in there if we don't really need it?

I am clearly picking the right time for dieting...seeing as how the three pounds of cookie dough I had to order from a co-worker's kid came in yesterday and is sitting in my freezer. Thankfully it is frozen so I cannot just dive into it at any time. The defrost period is always a good time to collect your thoughts and move away from the cookie dough. Now if the power goes out for a long time all bets are off!

We are taking Owen to see Santa at Phipps on Friday. I am hopeful he does not cry but he is getting worse with his separation anxiety and has come to realize that strangers are scary. I mean what baby would not love a chuckly man with lots of white eye brows and big long white beard? And he has a cute Chrismoose sweater and everything. We shall see how this goes.

Until then.


Dandilion said...

I'll be crossing my fingers that you can avoid surgery! Hope you start to feel better. =)

Ingle Nook said...

Just so you know...you can put the tub of dough in the microwave for about 45 sec-1 min and dive right in?!?! I tried the...it's frozen gather your thoughts but one day after breathing on the container hoping for the dough to soften just a bit...it hit me! Sorry if that makes you stumble.

ashkindred said...

Jonathan is on a huge cookie kick right now...it's weird. Unrelated.

For our next lunch we can meet at Corner Bakery and eat boring salads!! Although, that totally cancels out my proposition....I was going to suggest me, you and King Owen hit up some El Azteca before I become a Scary Stranger.

Moi' said...

Take care of yourself, Jill!

As for Santa-dont you think it's a litle early? It's not even Thanksgiving!!?!?!?

I seriously need everyone in the world to STOP RUSHING CHRISTMAS.
It stresses me out.

That is all...