Saturday, April 5, 2008

Amendment to previous post

My mom called - confused as to why people put such personal things on blogs. I may send her a few links...putting it out there makes it a) funny, b) bearable and c) entertaining. When in doubt, put it out I say.

Any way, she said that if I am concerned about Owen's "development" I should call the doctor. Imagine that conversation.

me -- "Hi. This is Jill Ferguson, I'm calling about Owen (date of birth) and wanted to speak to someone about the fact that he is not hitting any developmental milestones. If you can please call me back at 404-xxx-xxxx."
(you have to leave messages - the nurse line calls you back)

Some time later
me - Hello
Nurse - Hi Mrs. Ferguson this is alkgfhjdf from DeKalb Pediatrics, calling about Owen.
me - oh thank you.
Nurse - you are concerned with development
me - yes, he is still not holding his head up, does not roll and is not grabbing toys
Nurse - how old is he Mrs. Ferguson (notice how they are using my name in annoyance)
me - um, almost four months (I am now getting embarrassed)
Nurse - well, Mrs. Ferguson, Owen still has lots of time to develop. Are you doing tummy time
me - no, he screams
Nurse - well you need to do that first, even if he teaches him
me - huh
Nurse - does he seem happy
me - yes
Nurse - is he exhibiting any signs of being ill
me - no
Nurse - I think you need to be patient - and stop calling
(well maybe not that, but I can tell that once they get off the phone, they will totally be telling everyone about the stupid call they just had to return)

I am a new mommy - I worry. I worried before I was a mommy, I worry more now, I have always been a WORRIER. I would and still do wake up in the middle of the night searching for things in a panic...No Jeff - IT CANNOT WAIT TIL MORNING!!! at least Gus understands me

I mean, just a few weeks ago I realized that I had been tooling around town with Owen incorrectly in the car seat. The child's head had been hanging forward for WEEKS, going on MONTHS. I would have to pull over every 5 miles to get the kid to push his head back. I swear, he was going to choke. Now, just now that he is almost too big for the darn carrier have I finally discovered the proper way to install a base in a car. Whatever Graco, your directions SUCK.

So, if you did not already know, the Bumbo chair had been the thorn in my side for weeks. Owen - this is a nice present, you need to use it...thus, you need to hold your head up. Please see pictures...I am very proud of this. However, notice how even at 3.5 months the child is already praying to God that his mother gets some sanity. Poor child. Look at that face, he is just trying to please his crazy mommy. Aunt Jessica is going to try to take him away.

But...I am VERY VERY proud of this accomplishment.

In all honesty, I think I am the one with developmental issues, not poor Owen. Plus, my hair still looks like crap. I need to call Julie. As my mother says, put on some lipstick, you will feel better. I hate lipstick (seriously it is so 1980's, use gloss) but I do LOVE to get my hair done. LOVE IT. Plus I get to catch up with Julie and that always makes me happy...where is that number again.
Until tomorrow...


ashkindred said...

This one made me laugh too..

I will be a horrible mom or be insane..whatever happens first. I'm such a worrier too!

Even God Is Single said...

I've got that number if you still need it.... I need to go too. Double date???