Thursday, April 3, 2008

He doesn't act like anything is wrong

According to, my 3 month 2 week old should be doing the following:
1. Holding his head up when flat on his stomach
2. Rolling over, or making attempts to roll over
3. Grabbing toys or touching toys that are interesting to him
4. Calculation algebra equations

Well maybe not number 4...but 1-3, yes. Well guess what, my adorable angel is doing NOTHING of the sort. Not even attempting. Does not even care...whatever, give him the bottle.

This gets me thinking...great, now I am a horrible mother because I did not do enough tummy time with him the first few weeks. Now we have nightly tummy time cram sessions so we can keep up. The day care says he's fine...and compare him to some child that looks like a bubble head. I swear, he has a small resemblance to that kid from Mask. No thanks.

I am seriously beating myself up about this. Catch up Owen...your mother is a moron.

Breathe, breathe, breathe...
So...all of this stress is for nothing. I prayed for a happy, healthy baby with five fingers and five toes. As a matter of fact, I do believe that on more than one occasions throughout my pregnancy I made a deal with God that if he came out safely, I would never ask for anything ever again.
Amendment to previous request
Make him perfect with no issues, no problems and easy as pie to take care of and I will never ask for anything else again.

I hate the internet. Too much information to fill my small brain with worry and doubt.

We will continue to work on these milestones. I am praying that he hits them soon but in the articulate words of the Bigger Baby - "it's not as if he will be 20 laying on his back, not able to hold his head up" - geee, I sure hope not...

Maybe I am just irritated because my hair looks like crap...yea, that's it.


Anonymous said...

Umm, forgive me if I'm wrong, but isn't he holding his head up (while on his stomach) in the banner photo?

He'll catch up! Emma was early doing some stuff and late on the others. I wouldn't worry about it. Maybe he'll be a calculus whiz or something...

ashkindred said...

The bubble head!! I love it!!!! So funny!

I would be acting the same exact way. I'm always convinced that I have somehow effed it up.

I'm sure he'll the meantime, don't let him hang out with the bubble head kid at daycare.