Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How Double Doozies and Owen go together

I have recently discovered the Great American Cookie Company across the street from my office. This would have been a wonderful discovery while pregnant...however, by some grace of God, the mere of idea of walking my fat behind across the street while carrying a giant child in my tummy was unheard of. Typically I made a lunch order to whomever was going over there, yea I was that girl.

During my recent visit though, while standing waiting on the delicious goodness that is the double doozie (if you don't know what it is, consider yourself lucky, if I tell you, you will run to the GACC, get one and regret it forever...it is legal crack) I noticed that I am still Owen weight. Huh...I thought I had lost at least 8 lbs 15 oz. Not so...and I just recently found my Double Dooz.

So...all excuses aside, me and the kid are hitting the pavement and starting to walk. I am not 100% sure that the Big Baby will be joining us, but I pick and choose my battles.

Weather permitting (because you can't take a baby out when it's cold and apparently the ole' Groundhog was incorrect yet again) I will be strolling (literally) the neighborhood of East Point, kid in toe. Maybe if I'm really into it, I will get one of those fancy big wheel in front strollers...maybe even one that says JEEP on it, so I look like an All Terrain kind of girl. Baby steps though...baby steps.

So, my weekly (seriously who are we kidding) trips to the Double Dooz factory are over. Even a dinki dooz cannot save me now. It is ranch dressing in between carrots (light ranch...at least Naturally Fresh, yum), peanut butter on apples, granola and yogurt.

And, if anything, I can consider this my training for the Walk for a Cure that my office does every year and every year I swear I am keeping up all while huffing and puffing my way through Atlantic Station telling my co-workers that I am just claustrophobic not out of shape. Lies...all lies. SAVE THE BOOBIES!!!!!!!!!!

Kicks here I come!!! Maybe a trip to Piedmont...anyone?

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ashkindred said...

If you want, I'll give in and be that girl who walks around the block in my full work ensemble paired with tennis shoes for that lunch break workout.