Friday, April 11, 2008

Announcing the birth of...


Well, four months ago (on Wednesday to be exact).
What a horrible southern girl - I have not sent out the all important birth announcements to tell the world that the most precious angel has finally arrived. Mom helped and made the darn things and for the life of me, they sit in a bag hanging on the door knob to the closet door, looming at me daily to get off my rump and start addressing envelopes.
It is my goal to have those sent next week...promise.

My problem is just so darn hard finding the most perfect picture to show the world how adorable this little guy is....and since he changes DAILY and gets more and more perfect, yesterday's picture may not be as great as tomorrow's. The possibilities are endless really.

Since the weather forecast is calling for a weekend of rain and cold (do I also live in Satan's pants USA?) I will be addressing envelopes (with my excellent penmanship) and sending out the cute birth announcements for you all to display proudly on memo boards, refrigerators and in my case - electrical panel boxes. Hopefully I have enough to send out...those little boogers were not cheap...and we still had to make them ourselves. I think I have 30.

I hope that Owen does not inherit my procrastination trait. I am trying to get better - but I have HORRIBLE cabin fever and if I don't get out of my house and do something cutesy-family like I am going to scream. The NFL draft is only weeks away and if I listen to more speculative NFL draft talk I may throw a Dundie at the TV.

Well, until tomorrow (or when I finding something to blog about...I swear, it's not easy coming up with topics). I am on my way to pick up Owen from school so that he can come to my office and see the girls. The boss man and woman are out of town and it is pretty slow...I am sure I can find work to do but...Crap, there goes that procrastination thing again.

TTFN (that makes me laugh Jessica)


Tiffany said...

You must have watched The Office last night (my favorite show). Do you also have a plasma screen tv to throw the Dundie at?? I loved the last scene when Jim had stolen the CD... too funny!

Grammy said...

Welcome to the world sweet baby Owen!! Aunt Ricki loves you

Ingle Nook said...

Your blog is cracking me up! It brightens my day- Owen is so sweet! Give him kisses from me...friends forever :)


ashkindred said...


What does TTFN mean? Enlighten a sista.

Even God Is Single said...

haaaaa!!!!!!!! a dundie!!!!!!!! didn't that episode stress you out?! awkwards times 2008.

love you!