Friday, April 11, 2008

Head up young person

Ever see that, what's it called...the one with Paul Rudd and Jennifer Anniston and he is a gay guy who lives with her and she is pregnant with someones kid and they take dance lessons. What's it it's gonna bother comes on all the time...I'll think of it later.

Anyway, about the only thing memorable about that movie is the line that the old dance teacher says all the time, "Head up young person". Well, I have made that my new tag line for Owen...HEAD UP YOUNG PERSON.

See above, now do you see how this child is NOT a fan of tummy time. His school swears that they are giving him ten minutes a day...seriously, this picture was captured after about 20 seconds, not a happy baby.

Oh well...just thought I would share. The albatross around my neck is getting this child to hold his head up...steady!

Plus, the picture is funny and it makes me laugh.



Brandi said...

The Object of My Affection!

That saying is quite fitting for that picture, bless his little heart. I don't blame him though. I get unfortable rather quickly in that position too and if it was acceptable for me to cry about it, I probably would.

"Chin up" Owen... your neck needs the practice. =)

Tiffany said...

Don't worry! He'll get it in his own time. Is he a really relaxed baby?

Anonymous said...

This is Hank's buddy from school again. When Hank and I are checking out the Babes he has no trouble with his head. He told me that when he and his cool Papa (who he wishes he would have been named after) are out in the Beamer looking at the local tallent he holds his head high to see the sights.