Thursday, April 24, 2008

I just want to squeeze him all day

Mom sent this picture to me today. It makes me smile. I have been stressed out and talking to not nice people and I just look at this new picture and it makes me laugh. Oh, the things that make him smile...if only it stays that easy. (making him laugh that is)

Too bad Mom made him look like the Gerber Baby with the silly hair do, but, still the most adorable site in the entire world. I am seriously counting down the minutes until I get to go and pick him up from school to hear all about his day. We chat all the way home.

Oh, and...I MADE A HAIR APPOINTMENT. Thank God. May 3rd I am CHOPPING THIS MOP OFF!!! Oh, I cannot wait. I seriously do not know how I will make it but...I know I will be a rejuvenated woman once this mess is cleaned up.

The Office, Greys, Lost, EVERYTHING comes on TV tonight, my DVR will be on overload. I cannot wait.

Love to all,


Ingle Nook said...

He is precious!

Tiffany said...

Man, he's cute!
From a fellow Office fan--can I just say that I almost cried last week when Jim showed the ring! I love it! I'm sure with television there will be some sort of drama with it all but I so hope they get married. Maybe Michael and Jan could stand with them.