Monday, May 12, 2008

Dorothy called, she wants her tornado back

Seriously, what is going on with this weather?

In the short time Owen has been on this earth, we have already strapped him into his carrier and crouched down in the hallway THREE TIMES. I think in my whole life, I have had to get into tornado mode half a dozen times, including the three with Owen.

This is ridiculous. Too much destruction and damage. I feel so terrible for these poor people that had their roofs ripped off, cars pushed over and homes destroyed.

I think the most irritating thing though is, you can't blame "PEOPLE" for this. You cannot call the tornado provider and say, please cancel my tornado service, I no longer use it. You cannot call Tornado Customer Service and say, Thanks for the rain but this is a bit much. Global warming, carbon footprint, it's all silly to me, but I do know that last year we had no rain and this year my new address is about to become Oz.

I have also inquired as to the tornado plan at Owen's school in the event that one breaks out in the middle of the day I am unable to get to him. I mean, all those kids, those windows...I should buy a fallout shelter and live in that until summer.

Oh but summer...that brings hurricanes and in turn more rain. Think I can Google storm shelters? What do you think those run for?


Even God Is Single said...

i'm laughing out loud... you're hilarious!

See you in Oz



ashkindred said...

Hhaa!!! I thought about you when I was up at 4:30 a.m Sunday morning wondering if we should get in our hallway under a mattress.

I then realized I didn't have your number.

Glad you guys made it out ok...

Dandilion said...

Oh, you are funny. If you swing for an underground shelter, I'll rent a corner from you. When did Georgia become part of tornado alley? We should all practice our crouching positions against the wall.