Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pregnancy makes me crazy sad

I am not much of a crier...well, only when I am really mad which ticks me off because it never helps my argument.

So this pregnancy is clearly very different from the one with Owen. I cry at everything. The other day, Owen was moved up to a new room at daycare and I cried twice the day he finally moved up for good. Once in the morning when he was playing alone and I saw him as I was leaving and once that afternoon when I picked him up and he was playing alone outside. I know that kids his age have no clue what friends are but I was so sad. He is the most adorable, lovable angel, everyone should want to be his friend.

Today, I have hit rock bottom. I just finished a crying session in my office after looking at Waffles the cat and his swollen paw because he was stung by a bee. You can see this adorable but sad pic at www.cuteoverload.com, which is one of my favorite websites to go to because it had cute pictures of cats that make me laugh.

Waffles (great name by the way) Get well soon.

This is going to be a long 5 months.


ashkindred said...

aww...don't cry.

Did this comment make you cry because I told you not to?

Peaches and Cheese said...

A fr-enemy of mine said she was way more emotional with her girl than with her boys - so maybe that's saying something. I'm always emotional so I never figured that I was having a girl just because the halmark commercial was making me cry (or an injured cat)

patrick said...

I just stubbed my toe. Tears? Yes?