Thursday, June 25, 2009

The curse of decorating

So, if you have not already been made aware, my house is CRAZY small. Curse of "in-town" living. And yes, I consider my house in-town because a) I am TOTALLY inside 285 and b) it take me all of 10 minutes to get there.

Anyway, regardless, my house is small. Very, VERY small. After spending a few days at Mansion Madden I am more than a little nervous about the redecorating that will have to start on my house soon to make way for Baby Ferguson Part 2.

The reason I insist on starting soon is because I recall that during my pregnancy with Owen the thought of doing anything other than sitting on the couch watching tv during my third trimester was crazy. PLUS, I am starting to feel really bad about not spending as much time as possible with Owen so I know that while Baby 2 is cooking I want to spend most of my weekends, nights, etc. focusing my attention on him.

With that said, I have 3 rooms that I have to move around to make room. The babies will share a room. I was a little hesitant about this because I am married and I hate sharing a room but I did some research and talked to a few people who said that their children share rooms and are very close because of it. I think if I move Owen into his new room with at least a few months to get used it it the transition will not be as bad for him...right?!?!?!

So, I am already beginning to make my decorating scrapbook to present to my mother soon so that she can have an idea of what I want to therefore, help me (aka do it for me). If you do not already know, my mother is a decorating fool and can give Martha Stewart a run for her money.

Criteria for the Ferguson Nursery
1. The grey walls will stay. I hate painting. I think its the devil and I just will not do it. The grey walls are a perfect starting point for a neutral room.

2. The red curtains will stay...maybe. I have not decided so Jane will have to help with that.

3. NO THEMES!!!!!! Not that I hate themes. I LOVE a theme party. However, I change my mind hourly so I know I will end up hating it the day after mom and I do all the work to make it cute.

4. I am CONVINCED I am having a girl. Now, I do not know for sure (I find out July 15th at 1 pm) but my mothers intuition says girl. I may be surprised and a boy will be equally as loved and welcomed. In fact, a boy would be easier because I have all the stuff, but I think its a girl. So...I want to make sure that Owen's side is boy enough and that the girl side is girl enough...AND, if it is a girl, Pink has to go somewhere. This is Jill we are working with. However, I do not want two separate sides. They need to be uniform so that room will be cute.

So, if you have any ideas, pictures, etc. please send them to me. I found an adorable website (see bottom of blog page) that I have been going to a lot for inspiration. I found this picture and think it may be my jumping off point. We shall see. In the meantime, I need to start saving my money.


Allison D said...

Girl...I have not checked your blog in a LONG TIME! Congrats on your baby on the way! Best wishes for a smooth pregnancy!

ashkindred said...

you think you're having a girl???? We are way behind on lunch...can we do this soon? I want to hear about what's happening with you.

Love that inspiration photo...

Peaches and Cheese said...

I think the room should look just like the pic. I heart red!
Or,you could paint a giant mural on the wall to look like their in the enchanted forest and hang a tire swing in the corner. And gnomes could be the "theme". Excellent idea if I do say so myself!

Ingle Nook said...

This isn't my idea...Tiffany had a friend that had 2 little ones close together (a boy and a girl) and they shared a room. (I did read the part about the grey wall and red curtain, I am just choosing to ignore them for the moment) Their room was navy, white, and yellow. The girls side was "Daisy-like" and the boys side was "sailor-like" It was really a cute way to have a boy and a girl together. Such a cute room as I remember it. I also like the grey and red...but pink will NOT be pretty with think?

Les said...

Can you post a picture of the room you want to be the babies room? What the gray walls and red curtains look like now?

Jill...I know you HATE painting but c''s just paint...and I'm sure the room in not HUGE. You might just have to suck it up and paint it...or better yet-let Jeff do it!

I cannot believe you're having a girl. I also cannot believe you're not planning to have a STRICKLY PINK nursery.