Monday, July 6, 2009

to the half way mark

Well, we have reached it...ALMOST...on Thursday I will be 20 weeks along, which means that I have another 20 weeks of giant glory until Baby Ferguson Part 2 makes his or her debut.

Ashley did a similar post so I thought that I would do the same to update the baby status. This week, BF2 is the size of a tomato which surprisingly I am craving these days.

We find out NEXT Wednesday July 15th at 1 pm if this baby is Boy or Girl. My money is on Girl, Jeff thinks Boy but we shall see. Either way, I think the baby has to watch out because having crazy Big Brother Owen in the house will be something he or she may have to dodge.

The 4th was GREAT. We went swimming on Saturday and at first I was really afraid that Owen would hate the water. Bath time is horrible at the house so for the first 15 minutes or so he screamed. Nana coached him along and by the end of the two or so hours we spent in the pool he was ready to jump off the sides. Too cute! I was really proud of my water baby! He was sleepy I think we may be spending a lot more time at Pool Nelson this summer to wear him out.

As soon as Dad sends some pictures over I will post some. I have a few of Owen in the pool last year so I cannot wait for the side by side comparison. He is such a big boy is amazing.

Until next time...


patrick said...

$5 on "boy"

Tiffany said...

Wow! You are already halfway--woohoo! I hope it's a girl--can't wait to find out.