Friday, July 31, 2009

Decisions are being made

I think I have FINALLY decided on bedding for the shared nursery. It is exactly what I have been looking for and while it is a little expensive (for my taste have two kids and tell me it does not put a dent in your checkbook) I think it's what I am going with.

My idea is that Baby Girl Ferguson (name still to be determined) will of course use the bumper. Owen will use the quilt on his big boy bed. Yes, I know it will not "fit" so he will get a plain khaki bedspread and this will be his "throw" at the foot of the bed. all ties in.

Now, I sort of think its a bit masculine. Mom and Jessica believe (and I trust their judgment) that we can girl up her portion of the room.

I am really going to miss Owen's room though. It has been my favorite room of the house ever since we were able to decorate around the orange and have it turn out adorable. I think this will be equally as adorable and I cannot wait to start decorating. However, I DREAD moving everything around in that house and cannot seem to hammer down a date for Jeff to start working on that.
Any volunteers????

That ought to be an adventure...for sure.

I wish I could take the roof off, rent a crane and move things around that like.

I just have to keep telling myself that if we got it into the room, we can get it out. Hopefully without destroying the furniture or the walls.

Updates to come soon.

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Peaches and Cheese said...

I think the bedding is adorable. I would maybe see if mom can change the ties out for grosgrain ribbon and that would make it a bit more girly. Alot of people have boys and then girls and have to use the same bedding - I think it looks like it could go either way. I wouldn't lie...

Anonymous said...

I believe that you will get LOTS of mileage out of the cute set that you chose.

When you're done, I would love to see how you arranged your shared nursery. Please consider sending some pics into our contest because shared nurseries are a real challenge and I could use some good examples. Plus, you might win a prize! Best wishes and congratulations. J

Ingle Nook said...

love it!

Tiffany said...

I love it!!