Thursday, July 30, 2009

Samuel no lika his swollen paw

**** UPDATE****
The swollen paw is no more. It must have just been a bee sting or something because the paw is fine. He is not limping and has gone back to his usual lovable self...aka, he is mean to Jeff and LOVES me. All is right in the world!!!
I have canceled the appointment with Dr. Les so that I do not waste his time with a cat that has no at least.

Just so you Prince Samuel J. Ray has a swollen paw and it is making his mommy very nervous and sad.

Thankfully, Dr. Les is going to see us tomorrow afternoon at 4:15 to check it out.


It is pitiful. I will try to take a picture tonight but he no lika me right now and no lika having his photo taken...

Tomorrow should be an adventure...what with me and Owen taking the crazy cat to the vet's office.

Thankfully Jeff is helping but I still see ruckus and destruction in our midst.

Swollen paw cat who will not be in a cat carrier - because he overheats from the stress.
Crazy toddler who cannot sit still
Big silly dogs waiting to be seen by Dr. Les and staff
Crazy toddler crying because of smells and noises
Swollen paw cat scratching his way to safety
Crazy toddler running after cat to grab a hold of fuzzy tail
Frustrated husband who is pursing his lips because I will some how "not be helping"
Pregnant emotional girl crying at the thought of being told something is major wrong with fuzzy child

But, you never know, all could be super easy and a breeze.
Doubtful...with this crew, it never is!

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ashkindred said...

hahahaaaaa...I liked this post. Good luck with Sam. Poor thing.