Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Where do I even begin

I am actually breaking away from the stacks of work that have piled up on my desk to do a little blogging. My job is KILLING me these days. The "economy" or lack thereof has hit the real estate world and while I do not sell it (thank God) I manage it and lets just say, if I had a dollar for every person that called in regarding their need for a decrease in rent...I would not have to work. BLAH.

Enough about that...

I would like to send a special thank you to the girl in the white jeep in front of me at the McDonald's on Clairmont and...what's that road it crosses know the one I am talking about...jeez...for the life of me I cannot remember the know, in Decatur...AHHHH.....

I ordered my typical ice coffee and yes...biscuit (because I am out of Fiber 1 Bars) and as I went to the window to pay I was told the lady in front had already paid for my breakfast. I seriously teared up. I was so overcome that I totally forgot to ask the amount of the person behind me so I could pay for theirs so I was probably the person that ended the day long "Pay it Forward" breakfast. Oh well...I shall try again. BUT, I tried to thank her and she was too busy lighting her cigarette to see that I was attempting to get her attention, or maybe she did not want to be thanked in person so...Blogging World, Lady in Jeep, if you Read you.

I never knew that really happened. could not have happened on a better day when
a) Owen cried for a good two hours last night because he had a bad dream
b) it's raining today
c) I had two work calls before 7 am
d) Good Morning America said that pregnant people are more likely to die of Swine Flu and now I am convinced that anyone coughing near me is going to spread their germs and I will have to be put in a coma in order to take this pregnancy to term....ahhhhh
Bigger Baby said I had to turn the tv off...I was not mature enough to handle this information.

AND...boss LADY is buying lunch today for the office. Pizza...not my favorite but I am not complaining.

So, on another note, the nursery design idea is still up in the air. Why do I have to like things that are expensive? Why is it that all of the things I like are out of my price range? I try to be practical...I mean, the bedding is going to be used by a child...a child mind you that cannot use the restroom on his or her own. I cannot justify spending oodles of money on bedding that is beautiful when the person using it may or may not use it as a toilet. However, all of the items that are less expensive are shall I say...UGLY. At least the things I have seen. Grrr...
And...why do people INSIST on designing toddler bedding or children's bedding with silly cartoons or designs on them. If he does not have ADD yet he will after sleeping in some of the things they sell at the stores. Good Grief! I do not think my eyes can handle walking in there every morning and being greeted by neon race cars or glow in the dark spaceships.

I need to come up with a plan and stick to it.
Goal...finalize idea and clear it with mom...then start shopping!!!!!!!

This makes me sleepy...and I think the "pizza" is here.


ashkindred said...

dayum. You've been busy. So, did the McDonald's lady not realize she paid for your breakfast, or was she just feeling generous like, "and throw whatever she bought on my ticket too...just because."

I am NEVER behind peeps like that.

Let's do lunch soon. My job likes to push me to the limit to see how far my eyeballs will come out of my head.

Tiffany said...

Woohoo you blogged!!! That was very nice of the lady in front of you at McD's, too bad you hadn't ordered the big breakfast platter.
About nursery designs--I ended up only decorating one "nursery" and that was for Hannah. The other two were lucky enough to get a pack and play in my room and a clean sheet on it as a bonus. Don't tell them that though. On a serious note--maybe you should see about hiring someone to sew something. You could choose the fabrics, there's lots of great ones at Joann's. I am not so into those cartoon characters either.

Dandilion said...

I had a man do that for me at a drive through a while back too! He just left me a message asking me to do something nice for someone else.Isn't it just such a nice feeling to know that that really happens. I tried to "pay it forward" twice since then, but people working the drive-thrus dont make it very easy. Your post has reminded me that I still need to pay it forward.