Monday, August 24, 2009

Backache...Go Away

So, a few years ago we moved offices from the 25th floor to the 16th floor. With this move Jill was placed in the last office on the hall...DOWN from everyone else. Away from all action. Boss man said it was because I was too important to be bothered all the time. I think it's because he is jealous of my singing voice. Regardless, with this move I in turn stole his chair.

I LOVED this chair. LOVE-D being the key word here. It is made of the softest leather ever. It makes a thud sound when you sit in it that always reminds me of the great times had (another word to focus on) here. I could always hear boss man sit down or get up when I was his admin and probably lurking on the Internet...something I am NOT paid to do.

So, during the move I took his chair. Just placed it in my office and began using it. It's not like he didn't know. He just never said anything about it.

If you look, you can see that this chair is enormous. It may be hard to tell from the picture but it gives me no room between my desk and credenza, is too tall and therefore the arms have become a little tattered (note the grey electrical tape) and after awhile the chair stopped reclining.

Boss Man has been having troubles with his back for years. I thought that it was his craziness (the understatement of the year). I now believe it was this stupid, HORRIBLE, NO GOOD Chair.
Boss Man's back is so bad that on occasion I have walked into his office for something and found him on the floor using a pillow that looks like a dog bone under his back. I retreated back to my far off never-never land office quickly after that.

I have now stolen the chair of another co-worker and have given him the leather chair. I am claiming that this is because he has done such a great job he needs an executive level chair.
I am now going to my car, turning on the seat warmer in this 90 degree heat and hoping that this wretched back ache goes away.

And yes, the Ferguson WILL be eating cereal tonight for dinner.

***yes, I know I need to clean my office. It's Crazy around here***

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ashkindred said...

my pregnant coworker (who is right along the same time frame as you) is complaining of backaches as well. I think it's a pregnancy thing, which makes this amazing, life changing experience all the more scary and threatening. At this rate, King Owen and KJ will meet a Baby Gillespie when they're graduating high school.