Monday, August 31, 2009

Nana stole Owen's hair

I finally broke down and agreed...Owen needed a hair cut.

It was an impulse decision so therefore we did not have time to go to the Kidz Kutz (I hate things that are spelled with K's that should be C's and Z's that should be S's...but whatever) so Nana got the scissors out on Saturday and cut Mr. Owen's hair.
I think the finished product turned out great...considering the fact that he was not the most patient participant.

Finished Product (1)
please disregard the no shirt photo...we were making breakfast and it had already gotten everywhere by this point.

Finished Product (2)
Look how jazzed he is about picture time!

I cannot believe it was really that long

OVER IT Nana!!!!!


Grammy said...

The hair cut is too cute! Nana should bring her sissors and visit Owen's pal Brayden!!

Allison D said...

Too cute. Jill - he SO looks like his Momma!!!

keramey said...

I love it!! I'm proud of you for finally cutting his hair.