Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Christmas wish list

Aside from the obvious -healthy children, family, etc. I thought I would blog about all the wonderful things I want / need for Christmas this year.
Every year I tell Jeff that I am going to write down 5 things on a list and he can write 5 things down on a list and we get to pick three that we purchase for each other. He never goes off the list. Not to sound selfish, but this year, I sort of need him to. This is not to say that the presents I have received in the past are not awesome...diamond earrings are always fun, but I have enough jewelry (did I just say that?) so I am actually pulling a Brat and telling him he must stick to the list...in some way shape or form.

With that said...this list does consist of more than 5 things...all of which I really want so Jeff, if you are reading...please order, purchase, etc.

1. Baby Sling
I never thought I would need one. However, I am wondering what I will do with Katie-Jane when I go and pick up Owen from school. I cannot leave her in the car. The carrier is WAY heavy and will take up my hands and arms which I will need to hold Owen's hand to walk across the street. So, I thought, I can put her in one of these slings, hands free and can walk with Owen and Katie-Jane at the same time. Genius.
Yes, I know you can "make" them but please...I do not even know how to use a sewing machine so to Target we go. If you have any suggestions on the right one please let me know. I am going by cost because I really do not see myself sporting this thing all the time.

2. The InStyler
Being a pregnant insomniac I am always watching paid programming commercials. The InStyler is ALWAYS on and on more than one occasion I have taken the phone and credit card to order this thing. It just looks cool and my hair is a bit of a mess. As a mom to one the task of drying and fixing my hair is a little laborious. I can only imagine when I am the mom of two. HOWEVER, as my mother says, if you look good you feel good so I at least make the effort, not always succeeding but I try...most of the time...during the week. I would LOVE something that I could blast my hair dry and then use to actually "fix". PLUS, they swear it will make my hair look like silk. Jeff - please see Ulta or feel free to order online.
3 and 4. Feather Bed and Down Comforter
This is a dual gift yes but should only count as one. The feather bed was the first thing that Jeff ever purchased for me for our first Christmas together. What a sweetie. I LOVED it and it always made me happy to fall into my bed at the end of a long day. However, during the most recent house move Clover decided to use it as a potty and thus the feather bed went into the trash. I was crushed. To date it has not been replaced and I blame part of my insomnia on the absence of this. The down comforter has been in my life since college and it has a few tears from paws being on it. Feathers fall out all the time and it makes life tough for my Dyson. Both need to be replaced. Now, it does not have to be super fancy...just functional. Jeff - please see Ikea or Bed Bath and Beyond.

5. AAA Membership
Now, I think this is pretty practical seeing as how I will have two small ones in my car with me. Should something happen I am forced to either call my dad or Jeff to help. No, I do not know how to change a tire. No, I do not want to learn how to. So...a membership to AAA will ease all of my worries. While it is an odd request I think it shows just how adult I really am!!!

Jeff - can be purchased online.

6. Wii
I am the only person in the world without a Wii. However, I go back and forth about this because 1) my house is small and you need room to play and 2) it would be one of those things that I use for about a month and then never again.
HOWEVER, Jeff and I have been discussing gym memberships again. I know, I know...what are we thinking. So, I thought maybe a Wii with the Wii fit might benefit the whole family instead of paying for a gym membership that we will never use. I find every excuse I can to not go to the gym and now with having kids I use the "I don't want to put them in another nursery" excuse. I just don't think I NEED the Wii...I want it yes, but I don't NEED it and therefore, Jeff, this is a last resort present only if you are seriously in the dog house!

7. T&Co Earrings
Another splurge and really should be my push present but whatever.
I LOVE these. They match my ring that I adore but again, the above mentioned are more things that I really need...so this is also a last resort type present. Look how pretty though...ahhh.

So there you have it. My 9 year old Christmas wish list.

If anyone else needs more ideas, I have tons of wants / needs.

Happy Holidays!!!!!!


keramey said...

You are not the only one without a Wii, we don't have one either. I've thought about asking for it but I already pay a gym membership so maybe I shouldn't. I vote Jeff gives you the earrings anyway, husbands are supposed to give you things for no reason, although mine has never heard that message!

ashkindred said...

Wii Fit does not make you fit. It sits in our living room, and it will sit in yours too. I'd want the gym membership, but I don't have two kids. It's hard enough for me to get there without having them. So.......I don't know.

Gosh, I was kind of a debbie downer about the whole Wii Fit thing, but that's just been my experience...and everyone else I know with a Wii Fit. I think if Wii Fit has lost a bunch of people some weight, we'd be hearing more about it. Hmm...

Ingle Nook said...

love the picture christmas list and the directions on where to purchase! Too funny.

Anonymous said...

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