Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2 month stats

Katie Jane had her two month well visit today. It was medically proven and will be in all journals...she is perfect.

She weighs 12lbs 2oz naked, is 23.5 inches long and her head is normal. I always forget that one...I think something like 14 inches.

She is doing GREAT on her reflux medicine. It seems to be working really well...thank God.
Still not sleeping through the night but can go as long as five hours between night feedings. I am hoping that with the more weight she gains the longer she will be able to sustain herself.

Owen has been moved up to the 2 year old classroom and is doing great. I cannot tell you how much I love his school. They are the greatest place ever and I wish my children could go there until they graduate high school. He is going well in music class, art class and LOVES reading time. The teacher says that he sits in the front and likes to help turn pages and is so attentive during the stories. His vocabulary is growing and he is starting to put sentences together. Of course, like most toddlers Jeff and I are about the only ones that can fully understand what he is saying but he is getting there.
He is starting to realize that the baby is not going anywhere. He is interested in some of the things that she does but is becoming very clingy to whoever is holding her. Typically me. He likes for me to hold both of them at the same time. We do that during story time at home. He likes to give "Baby book".

I am thinking about moving her into her crib in their shared room soon. She seems to sleep longer in that bed. I think she is starting to get uncomfortable in the cradle. It's hard to tell. My apprehension to this is that she still gets up at night to be fed and I do not want to disturb Owen too much. He is a heavy sleeper but once he is up...he is UP. Maybe in the next few weeks.

Katie Jane starts school February 1st so I am trying to get her on a schedule so that they can follow something once she is there. I know that once she starts school they will keep her on and start her on a schedule. I am actually looking forward to taking her to school. I need to get out of the house, I need adult interaction and I need to feel like a human instead of a sweat pant wearing house wife. I have been working from home for the last four weeks but I think it will be great to get back into the office and back into a routine. I know she will be taken care of at school so I am not as nervous as I was with Owen. Plus, I know he will LOVE having her there...he likes to show off "Baby".

We are starting to really get into the swing of things around here. I did forget how much work goes into having a baby. They require a LOT of pre-planning just to take a trip to see Nana and Papa. However, I am starting to get it down again. I know another curve ball will be thrown but so far we are getting things accomplished in a timely manner.

I want the weather to HEAT UP soon though so I can get these children out of the house on the weekends and to the play ground. A few more months though...I know.

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