Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Whats that new scent you have on?

Oh, that would be the sent of VOMIT.
Classy right?

So Katie Jane is a bit of a puker? We went to the doctor today because she has literally been exploding bottles. It's like someone pops her while she is feeding and she spits up everything and then some. It flies across the room. She is covered, I am got on poor Sam once. He was none too happy. I never had to deal with this with Owen so I was caught off guard.

I was a bit surprised that she has reflux because she is gaining weight and eating like a champ. She just explodes at least one of her bottles. Weight today was 12 lbs, 5 oz with clothes on. The doctor prescribed some zantax and suggested to put a little rice cereal in her bottle to help the food stay down. I am also hoping that the rice cereal may help her sleep at night. I need sleep!!!

Owen moved up to the big boy 2 year old room this week. For those that know Owen, he does not like change. He gets very uneasy and nervous. It makes me so sad for him but he adjusted very well. I am very proud of him!

I have also started a new weight loss blog to chronicle my weight loss for 2010. I will be hitting the big 30 this year AND will have to squeeze my butt into a bridesmaid dress in October. Feel free to read and enjoy.

We go back for our well visit with Katie Jane next week. Hopefully the reflux will be a bit better and her face rash will be gone. Did I forget to mention the fungus growing on her face...NICE.

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