Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Meowzers, stop doing that

My first child Sam (see above) is none to happy about the new addition to our home. Not being the worlds smartest cat (even though he did go to college) he is JUST now figuring out that there is someone new in the house that is taking up his quality time.

I am to my WITS end with this silly cat. Patience is no longer a virtue that the Bigger Baby has because on more than one occasion he has thrown the cat outside to where I have had to go track him down and bring him back in.

(as a side note, the cat is / was very spoiled and although he still has his front claws, has never been outside and is too much of a Handsome Prince to hang out with the ruffian neighborhood fat cats that control our block)

Prince Samuel J. Ray is now refusing to use his litter box. Gross - I know. I will tell you though that my house does not smell like an old ladies. We continue to clean this up...ALL THE TIME.

I have done some research and have recently found out that my cat suffers from emotional distress. Are you kidding me? Emotional Distress...come on now. Sam, instead of tee-teeing in my dining room, why don't you do what the rest of us do and over eat. Surely that has to be better than getting hit between the ears when I finally catch you. (Yes, I do believe in spanking to a point to discipline...but that is another posting)

So, it was mentioned that I head to the local Petsmart to purchase some kitty Zanax or herbal remedy to calm his nerves. even my cat will be medicated. I'm not even medicated...yet. Now my 8 year old cat has to take downers because he stresses too much.

WHAT A PAIN!!!! Every day I race home trying to beat Bigger Baby so I can clean the mess before he gets home because if he finds it first the scowling look on his face meets me at the door.

"That damn cat crapped again"

"Why, hello to you too and yes, my day was lovely"

"Whatever Jill...the cat is about to go outside"

my eyes roll, I walk away and he says something under his breath. Then I have to change to subject to the dinner menu so we can move past this issue.

Poor Prince Samuel. I think I may loose my fight if I cannot get the cat accustomed to the new addition. I mean seriously, the kid has been around for four months...I cannot believe Sam is just now catching on and taking this out on my dining room floor. Clover hasn't changed a bit...she is still sitting in the same place she was when I went into labor. She doesn't move...except for chow time.

Booo...hopefully the kitty relaxers will help, if not, I see a cat gang initiation taking place in my front yard soon.


hdkennedy said...

oh my god i almost peed my pants reading this! poor sjray. i am glad to see though that his days of peeing in the sink when he gets pissed off are still around. :)

and as for your post on owen's development, don't will all come in time! will didn't sit up until he was 6 months old.

Tiffany said...

Hey Jill! Welcome to the bloggy world. You'll have to click on my profile and go check out my blog--I share all sorts of personal information too and my mom wanted to know why I would do that just like yours!
This post is hilarious and your baby is beautiful!!!!

brandi said...

People used to make fun of me for spanking my cat Kiki Mitten. I'm glad I'm not the only one that believes in feline discipline.

ashkindred said...

I loved this...
so good.