Monday, June 2, 2008

cough cough go away, Baby Owen wants to play

So, the horrible, no good, very bad cough has not removed itself from Owen's chest and thus, we have to resort to the inhaler. Boo!!!

I am not looking forward to this, simply because the idea of attaching a suction cup like thing to his poor face and then blasting him with an inhaler is NOT my idea of fun, Mommy - Owen time. And...asking Jeff to do it...well, there would be no way. He was a CHAMP the day he had to take Owen to the doctor when he was sick and swore he would never do anything again that made the child cry that much. my mom did it for me, I will administer the medicine for Owen. I will try not to cry...I have been good so far with shots, day care and sleep overs. Maybe for comic relief I will take a picture tonight and post it. Ohhh the horror.

The cough does not affect his cute little attitude NOR does it hold him back from eating. Child LOVES his formula. He also loves carrots...much better than green beans. Have to disagree with you there kid. Carrots, bananas and applesauce are Good Good Good. Beans = two thumbs down.

Now, on to the cat. He was an outside cat for four hours yesterday. AHHH. However, after being stuck out in the sun, he was NOT running out the door as he normally does every time it was opened yesterday. I was convinced that someone rode by our house and saw the Prince sitting on the porch and said, I have to have that most handsome cat and stole him. A few hours of me calling his name with no luck had me pouting. After shaking his food bowl outside a few times, Prince Samuel J. Ray made his appearance. Jeff is now excited because the cat can go outside. My argument now...It is way too hot for Fat Cats to be just walkin' around. I think he growled at me again and walked away. And, as a matter of fact I think I may have heard him say "I swear you love that cat more than me", but I don't know, I was too busy telling Samuel what a wonderful, adorable, loving creature he is to listen to anything that Jeff had to say.

I am studied OUT. It is no wonder I was a MISERABLE student. I think most of my grades in school were because the teacher did not want to deal with me anymore OR because I have such an awesome personality they had no excuse but to pass me so I could go on to achieve great things. HA! I was seriously thinking that there had to be some way...SOME WAY, to get out of this no good test. All the information is jumbled together. But, if I passed that wretched State License Test (something I would not wish on my worse enemy) I can pass this. I hope. Real Estate = two thumbs down...FOR SURE.

So, I guess I should end the blog here. Because, I should go back to my studies..or work...or maybe see if Kinderdly wants to IM.



Peaches and Cheese said...

Duh... you do love Samual J. more. I don't see the problem with that.

Ingle Nook said...

The breathing treatments are harder on you than him! I promise. Harry had to do those--the cough will go away, so that is something to look forward to. Kiss that sweet boy! And call the next time you're out this way. I think Hank misses me!

Tiffany said...

I'm glad the breathing treatment worked and wasn't as bad as you thought. Surely with the warm weather coming that will help too. Maybe he needs a visit to Florida and Disney World to make him feel better.